My Time At Portia is a sluggish action role-playing simulation game occurred by Pathea. You start the game by visiting the Island of Portia and also functioning in your father’s workshop.

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The initially task that you will get after coming to the island also will certainly be crafting a basic axe and pickaxe. This search will be simple enough for you, initially craft the pickaxe by collecting timber and also stones that can be uncovered the ground.

Craft Stone Furnace


After that, you will certainly be told to craft the stone heater utilizing your father’s handbook. To craft the stone heater, you will need 10x stone to make a rock tool and 10x timber. You deserve to acquire these resources by chopping small trees and breaking rocks.

You must host the items in your hand and also location it on the Assembly terminal to finish structure the rock heater. Once you are done assembling the stone heater, you will acquire your builder license and your first job will certainly be to make a bridge utilizing the handbook.

If you are brand-new to this game, you will certainly discover little bit bit trouble in making the bridge as it took me even more than 2 hours to and 8 days in-game to figure out just how to make the bridge.

My Time At Portia Tips Before Making The Bridge

If you don’t know there is a time limit in completing the quest and also if you are not able to complete it within the time frame, the pursuit will certainly be failed and also the bridge will certainly be constructed instantly.

Before obtaining your builder license I would suggest you assemble Grinder and Civil Cutter. You will certainly uncover both of these in the handbook.

To make the Grinder, the a lot of important tool will be the Old parts. You deserve to find these old parts in the abandoned damages. After entering the ruins, go to any kind of corner and usage your pickaxe to start mining. Press “F” to find glowing yellow light for relics and various other sources.

Note: Move your cursor over the yellow light to track its location.

Use the picture below for referral.


By mining in the abandoned damages, you will certainly get all kinds of sources that you must craft at the start of the game. Tbelow will certainly even more adequate resources for you in the damages.

To craft the Civil Cutter you will discover all the resources in the damages and other resources that have the right to be crafted from the worktable. To power the Civil Cutter, you will call for the power stone that you have the right to additionally find the ruins.

My Time At Portia How To Assemble/Craft Bridge


Note: Make sure to earn at leastern 250 gold prior to and also buy the upgrade load from the industry to craft the bronze axe. Using the bronze axe you will have the ability to get hardwood by chopping down massive trees.

To craft the bridge, you will require hardlumber plank and copper pipe. Chop down huge trees making use of the bronze axe and also usage the hardtimber in Civil Cutter to make hardlumber plank.

To craft copper pipe, you require copper ore that you will get from abandoned ruins or by breaking rocks. Using the copper ore, craft copper bar in the rock furnace.

Once you have actually gathered 3x copper bar, use them in the Grinder to make the copper pipe. Once you have actually both the resources you have the right to now assemble the wood bridge head.

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Similarly follow the instruction of in the handbook to assemble the wooden bridge body and also location them near the river at the noted area to finish your search.