Forget fairemainder of them all … have actually you ever before wondered which Disney Princess is the the majority of well-known of them all? I asked over 500 WDW Magazine fans to find out!

And I had actually one more question: Does favorite Disney Princess align through age? I imagined if I polled a group of human being age 70+ the favorite princess might differ from a group of children under 10.

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So I chose to uncover out for myself that is the most famous Disney Princess, and if there’s any correlation to the person’s age. Is it Cinderella, with her castle front and also center at Walt Disney World? Or Sleeping Beauty through her equivalent at Disneyland?

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The true original. Photo by Mike Billick

Scurrently White, the OG Princess. She obtained 39 votes in all, and her fans’ average age again confirms my hypothesis: 50 years old (the oldest average fan age of all the Princesses included in the poll).

#6: Tiana

I didn’t suppose Tiana to be super popular, as her movie was adhered to up very easily by Tangled, and also that garnered a lot more assistance than The Princess and also the Frog.

Tiana obtained 21 votes, with an average fan age of 35! Since she’s newer, it just makes feeling that her fans are a tiny younger.

#7: Aurora

Sleeping Beauty making the bottom half was sort of surpincreasing to me. And honestly, my dog was really offfinished (her name is Aurora, after the princess).

Regardless of being front and center at Disneyland also, Aurora obtained 20 votes. Her average fan era was 37, one more outlier for my hypothesis.

#8: Merida

Merida got 19 votes. And, in a finish shock to me, her median fan age is on the better end at 46.

#9: Jasmine / Anna / Elsa

Jasmine, Anna, and also Elsa all got 12 votes each.

I think had tbelow been a better variety of 25 and also under voting, these 3 would have been a lot greater. We all know Anna and also Elsa are exceptionally well-known with kids these days.

I additionally think Jasmine is likely a 2nd favorite for many type of. Like me: I love Aladdin, and Jasmine is wonderful, however she simply isn’t my favorite.

Jasmine’s average fan age was 37. Anna’s, surprisingly, was 44, while Elsa’s fanbase was the youngest of all the princesses at 32. Elsa likewise obtained the many votes from the under 18 crowd—with our youngest voter ringing in at 2 years old!

#10: Pocahontas / Mulan

I feel favor Pocahontas and also Mulan are regularly forobtained Disney Princesses. We all love them, but not many kind of of us think around them as soon as we think of the other princesses on this list. 

I am surprised Mulan didn’t rake even more in via a live activity movie in the works.

They both acquired 7 votes each. Mulan’s average fanbase is 36 while Pocahontas’s is 39.

#11: Moana

Honestly, I am really sad around Moana making last on the list. It virtually made me want to adjust my favorite princess! Moana is a great story, however I think her newness played versus her in this fight with some really substantial names.

She received 6 votes out of a tiny over 500, and her average fa period was 35—this is on the younger side for our averages!

Most Popular Disney Princess

Though I did notification some correlation in between age and favorite Disney Princess, I think it is not the main element in determining favorites. I think it is probably a tiny variable, as nostalgia is an effective thing.

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But the actual point is connection. A few commenters left their reasons behind that their favorite is, and also I noticed many type of of them sassist things around the princess’s characters, their struggles, their likes, their nationalities, and also what they stand also for. 

People discover a favorite Disney Princess in that they feel the most connection to, that they watch themselves a lot of in.

For me, I love Rapunzel bereason I love the story, and it all feels really magical and also beautiful to me. Plus, thriving up, I had incredibly long hair (read: down to my knees), so Rapunzel and also I have somepoint in prevalent. 

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