“Alexander Godin, the pen name of Joseph Katz (1909–70) was a Ukrainian that immoved to the United States via his family members in 1922. We understand little bit about his life. His brief story “My Dead Brvarious other Comes to America” was publimelted in 1934 and also had as component of The Best Quick Stories of the Century. Written at a time of big European immigration to the USA, the story highlights the arrival of immigrants to America via Ellis Island to reunite through their father, in the procedure disclosing the hardships the immigrants challenged in the “Old World” and also in coming to the New.

“What execute we learn about the stays of these immigrants before they set out for America? What did they need to endure around ship and also upon arrival at Ellis Island?Why is nopoint sassist around the dead brother once the family is reunited? What enables the family to come to be “conscious of the return of the dead boy right into our shattered lives?” More mostly, what makes it feasible for immigrants to combine the soul-crushing experiences they had in their native land also through their brand-new (and also regularly difficult) Amerideserve to life in an alien land? What is the definition of the title of the story? In what sense—in what way—does the dead brother pertained to America?”

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By all accounts a great favourite, this story is often contained in anthologies of great Amerihave the right to Quick Stories. Might this just be because of a sentimental attachment for the Amerihave the right to reader, a sentipsychological attachment to the Amerihave the right to Dream narrative that begins via the arrival of the immigrant on Ellis Island? In so far as the story itself works, it’s centred on the gadget of the lacking dead brvarious other and exactly how his absence, on the father meeting the family members at the harbour, is both noticed and not commented upon. The father’s reactions are weighted so heavily for the reader, which is what offers the story its pull or its push: the reader’s engagement is hooked by measuring how the father, that hasn’t been watched for nine years, reacts to the lack, and also exactly how the family members, specifically the childhood narrator, reacts to his reactivity.

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It’s a great means in; the story lays bare the immiapprove suffer. It functions well because of the main tool is tackled well and not overdone.

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My Dead Brother Comes to America by Alexander Godin (1934)
Cogency / Structure / Coherence9/10
Affective / Empathy / Evocative9/10
Novelty / Surprise / Fun8/10