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In this episode, Jessica is visiting the Gambini family winery for the Gambini Patriarch’s 75th birthday Compleano. Don’t be fooled by all the Italian-ness in this episode: it actually takes area in California.

Apparently, Jessica is familiar via the Gambini family bereason she invested one summer tutoring Paul Gambini, one of the grandyoungsters.

Just the facts ma’am:

Spoilers are in white font, so highlight the text below to reveal the answers.

The victim was…the granddaughter’s boyfriend!killed by… the Gambini household patriarch!in…the wine cellar!with… poison !because…the boyfrifinish was actually a contract killer sent to kill the patriarch, who was ready to die anyway however didn’t desire anyone else getting hurt!vital clues: the killer dubbed him “that New York bum” once he was passing himself off as a nation boy.

Big Names & Honourable Mentions

For this episode, I wanted to document the Gambini family, even if the actors playing them aren’t/weren’t super famous.


Eli Wallach plays Salvatore Gambini, the Gambini household patriarch.
Ina Balin (far left) plays Salvatore’s daughter Stella.And then we have Salvatore’s grandchildren / Stella’s nephews and niece, in order from left to right:Billy Zane plays Tony.Thomas Byrd plays Paul (the one that Jessica tutored).Kristian Alfonso plays Michele. Alfonso has had actually a significant duty playing Hope Brady in close to 2000 episodes of Days of Our Lives.

Repeat offenders

The actors playing the other members, or would-be members, of the Gambini family had actually made multiple appearances on the show.

John Saxon (left) plays Marco Gambini, Salvatore’s boy and Stella’s brvarious other. This is Saxon’s second of three complete appearances on MSW.Bibi Besch (center) plays Marco’s wife Fiona. This is Besch’s initially of two total appearances on MSW.Grant Goodeve (right) plays Ben Skyler (a.k.a. Benito Soriano, mob hitman), Gambini’s grand-daughter Michele’s boyfrifinish. This is Goodeve’s third and also last appearance on MSW. Goodeve is likewise well-known for playing on of the kids on Eight is Enough.

Tright here were also a couple of actors that made their initially of 2 full appearances on the show:

Arlen Dean Snyder (left) as Police Chief Thaddius Kyle.Robert O’Reilly (right) as Stephen Ridgely, a “friend” of Paul Gambini. If you’re a Trekkie, you can identify Ridgely as the Klingon Gowron.Paul Lyell (not pictured) was credited as “Guest #1”. His second credit on MSW is sindicate noted as “cop”.

Final Thoughts

This is an amazing episode because it marks an important understanding right into Jessica’s principles. Without offering ameans too a lot in regards to spoilers, it’s among those episodes wright here Jessica decides to turn a blind eye on a friend/acquaintance committing a crime, and also pretty much colludes with local police to make the difficulty disshow up. This is comparable to what happens at the end of “Simon Says Color Me Dead“, wright here she and Amos Tupper decide not to educate the authorities that a woman is increasing a boy she hasn’t legally embraced. Except that in this episode we’re managing even more significant crimes.

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This is a much cry from her mindset in “When Thieves Fall Out” wright here she renders a strong stance concerning vengeance and also the fact that there is no excuse for even instraight causing someone’s fatality. It appears to me that Jessica frequently makes moral excuses to herself when it pertains to her friends.

On the various other hand, this episode did feature some excellent outfits!


An original push photo from the episode of Angela Lansbury dancing with Eli Wallach (Salvatore Gambini) is obtainable for purchase on Amazon!