Brigham Young University-Idaho DevotionalApril 30, 2013

Be Fruitful

Julie B. BeckFormer President, General Relief Society

My husband also simply leaned over to me and shelp, “Can you feel the Spirit here?” And it is a wonderful chance to be right here and also partake in that blessing along with you. As I was looking out on the audience, I assumed, “who is here?” and probably you deserve to show by a raise of your hands if you fit into any of these categories. It won’t be in-depth, however just how many type of of you are enrolled in college below at BYU­–Idaho ideal now? How many type of are full-time students? And component time students? How many will certainly graduate within the following year? How many have actually been on missions? And just how many of you have a mission speak to or are anticipating a mission contact soon? How many type of of you have actually been endowed in the temple? How many type of are married? How many kind of have actually children? How many have actually grandchildren?

How many type of woke up worn down this morning? That covers me. I was nervous all night long around this opportunity and to peak that off, we had to drive up right here, and also as you gain closer to Rexburg the anticipation and also the worry increases. It sort of adds to the stress. But say thanks to you for being right here. This talk is generally for those of you that are enrolled in institution below. But I think it touches on all of us.

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As I offered on the Church Board of Education, I assumed frequently about the interest the First Presidency has actually in the climbing generation in the youth of the Church and just how a lot of the Lord’s storehome and sources goes right into structure this generation. Often times when I’m via younger members of the Church I’ll say, “Why are you so special? Why perform you think you get so much of the Lord’s storeresidence invested in you?” And if I were to open up that approximately your comments best now, I’d probably acquire the very same replies I regularly gain. You could say, “We’re the climbing generation and also we’re unique. The future of the kingdom depends upon us. And we were valiant before we were born” and so on. But I desire you to know that as soon as I was your age a lengthy time earlier they usage to tell us the very same things.

They provided to tell us that we were special; that we were the remarkable generation born on the earth. And I have wondered periodically as I have listened over the years, did the Church leaders have actually it wrong then? Or did we simply not meacertain up? And as I’ve stupassed away that question, I’ve concerned the realization that what makes you special is the covenants you have actually been allowed to make via the Lord and also the obligation you have actually. You’re not special bereason of your age or the time on the earth you were born. Thousands of years back the apostle Peter was informing the members of the Church, “you’re distinct, you’re part of this preferred generation” (see 1 Peter 2:9). And it has somepoint to execute through the covenant s that you’ve been allowed to make.

As I’ve assumed around this chance because last November once President Clark called me, I have pondered and also prayed throughout that time, and every so regularly I’d obtain a believed and I’d compose it dvery own on a item of paper and also put it in my folder. That’s been my exercise to collect the thoughts that come in my prayers and also in my moments in the holy place and then as the time gets closer I’ll pull those out and also study them. I was surprised to discover that I had over half a dozen references to the very same scripture and also the same teaching. And I realized that the Lord has actually an interemainder in me focusing on somepoint through you.

Many kind of of you as you suggested have served missions; and also some will be serving missions. Many of you have increased your hands and sassist you have actually been endowed in the holy place and you’ve made temple covenants. And I hope that what I soptimal about this day will aid rise your expertise of the holy place and also the covenants that are made there and also check out some of the instructions that were provided to Adam and Eve as soon as the Lord sent them dvery own to earth.

Now, Adam and Eve were beginners. We learn in Genesis that they were the first covenant maintaining male and woman—the first sealed couple. We’ve been told this by our prophets and apostles. If you think ago, all the means earlier to them, you realize they didn’t have the teachings of Isaiah, they didn’t have actually the teachings of Nephi, they didn’t have actually the Doctrine and also Covenants, and they didn’t have any manuals or seminary teachers. They had a details objective and also covenant to store yet they didn’t have all the rich treacertain trove of teaching that you have actually had in your resides. As the Lord started teaching Adam and also Eve, He necessary them to remember His instructions so ssuggest and also so plainly that they might carry it around in their heads and remember, and live His instructions to them.

So, the first instruction He gives them, (you can discover this in Genesis chapter one if you desire to follow alengthy, this is in chapter one, verses 26 with 28) He said:

And God sassist, Let us make guy in our image, after our likeness: and also let them have actually preeminence over the fish of the sea, and also over the fowl of the air, and also over the livestock, and over all the earth, and also over eincredibly creeping thing that crept upon the earth.

So God developed man in his own picture, in the picture of God created he him; male and female developed he them. And God blessed them, and also God sassist unto them, be fruitful, and also multiply, and also replenish the earth, and subdue it: and also have preeminence over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over eincredibly living thing that moveth upon the earth.

The Lord’s first instruction to Adam and also Eve wregarding be fruitful. What does that suppose to be fruitful, to live a fruitful life? This life of multiplying and also replenishing, subduing, having rule, is a godchoose life. It is a way of living to prepare for life through our Heavenly Father. To be fruitful! Is that not a basic instruction? If you can understand also that you could learn just how to be like God.

Be Fruitful

Let’s check out the definition of some of these words, “being fruitful” and also then some of the following words that were given via that. To be “fruitful” implies to produce an numerous yield; a harvest; an outcome or a product. And eventually our lives are the fruit that the Lord gathers in. In Jacob 5, you deserve to check out that wonderful allegory about a harvest and also obtaining the herbal fruit, which is the majority of priceless to the Lord, and most valuable from the start. When our stays yield abundantly the gospel ethics of confidence, obedience, repentance, hope, charity and also so forth, we start to come to be that fruit that the Lord speaks of—that natural fruit via godlike attributes in our lives. How to be fruitful is then defined in the words that follow.


Think of the word “multiply”. Multiplying means to boost in number, amount or degree or degree. As you read and study the bibles and the words of the prophets you recognize you are supposed to rise your talents and multiply your abilities. We are right here to share the gospel and also multiply the variety of God’s youngsters who make covenants with Him. If you’ve been to the temple you acknowledge that the Lord has given a straight command to bear and also rear children: to multiply the number of family members members in our very own family members via marrying and having kids. Multiplying is a godfavor principle that helps us be fruitful.


Words “replenish” implies to make full or finish, to resupply or to nourish. As we’ve stupassed away the gospel, we learn we are to feed our heart, we feed our bodies and also take treatment of them, we teach our family members, we construct the kingdom. And we fill our resides through things that inspire and lift. This connotes discovering and boosting minds and also houses. As you go to course right here and you learn about chemistry or psychology or the Book of Mormon, you are replenishing and structure that supply that the Lord has offered you. Replenishing likewise connotes completing the covenants and also making sure that they happen in your lives. When you partake of the sacrament each week you are replenishing as you rebrand-new that covenant, that blessing in your life, the Atonement. So the idea of replenishing adds to your fruitfulness . And it’s a tremendous godlike principle.


The word “subdue” indicates to bring under manage, to vanquish or conquer. In the gospel we are asked to conquer evil in our own hearts and also lives and also to vanquish fear and also regulate our thoughts. We are asked to triumph over adversity in our lives and subdue the challenges that come. In our very own resides and family members and also residences we are intended to subdue all evil impacts. So we obtain all this instruction around use of time and media and being mindful about what we’re learning and also placing right into our minds bereason we need to subdue the points that are not correct. It is a lifelengthy initiative to subdue unhappy thoughts and also concerns about points that don’t matter and also unrighteous thoughts and also opinions. But that’s among our duties, is not just to subdue the earth, and the points that are in the earth, however to subdue every little thing that avoids us from ending up being what our Heavenly Father expects us to end up being.


What does having actually dominion mean? Having dominance means having actually authority or sovereignty, manage or ownership. It means to climb over somepoint and also master it. Dominion connotes management. And again in a gospel sense, it is our responsibility to grasp our mortal weaknesses and thoughts and also things that carry us down. To have actually preeminence has actually straight relation to our households and our authority and sovereignty and obligation to direct and also to teach in our families.

Dress and Keep

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2 to verse 15, “And the Lord took the man, and also put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and also to keep it.”

So, what did those two words mean, once Adam and Eve were told to “dress and also keep”? To dress implies to adorn or cultivate, to shape or clean, to setup and also to teach. It’s a very energetic word connoting somepoint in our lives or our families—the people about us. We need “dressing” to adorn, to make points better and also to take care of them. It takes planning and thoughtfulness.“Keeping” also means to take charge, to maintain in excellent order, to protect and also protect and guard against any poor point.

Review of the meaning of being fruitful

As you look at these over-riding ideas, think of a loving Heavenly Father that wanted to straight His first covenant couple to live a life He would certainly have actually them live in order to prepare for life via Him. And He sassist to Adam and Eve:

“Be fruitful; multiply and replenish, subdue and have actually rule, dress and save.”

You check out how simple those instructions are. As Adam and Eve might remember those words, then they would start to have an extra godlike life. Now these instructions we also learn in Abraham. (I love the Publication of Abraham. You’re obtaining simply a skimming of some of the study I’ve had. But if you desire to, go earlier and also learn even more about what these words expect, check out Genesis. Read Moses. Read Abraham. Read what the prophets have actually shelp about these instructions and also view exactly how the Lord has applied them.) But in the time before we came to the earth, this is in chapter 3 verse 23 where:

God observed these souls…

That’s us.

And he stood in the middle of them and also said: These I will make my rulers; for He stood among those that were spirits, and He witnessed that they were good; and also He sassist unto me; Abraham, thou art one of them; thou wast chosen prior to thou wast born.

And then in verse 25, he said:

We will prove them herethrough, to check out if they will certainly execute all points whatsoever before the Lord their God shall command them.

So we were sent out here to earth to prove ourselves, to view if we would carry out those points that would certainly aid us have a fruitful life. This is not a principle of a sedimentary, static life. It connotes work and also effort. As we read in Moses, chapter 5, the beginning of that wonderful chapter, as soon as Adam and also Eve left the Garden after the Lord had propelled them out:

Adam began to till the earth, and to have actually dominance over all of the beasts of the area, and also to eat his bcheck out by the sweat of his brow, as I the Lord had actually commanded him. And Eve, additionally his wife, did labor through him.

This principle of being fruitful took initiative on the component of Adam and also Eve.

Our Environment Today

Now let’s read around some of the things you are confronting in the world now. If you desire to revolve to 2 Timothy, chapter 3, we’ll just skim over some of that. Since when you go to the temple you get instructions and you need to live in the human being, the actual world now. So in the last days, it claims, in verse 1:

Perilous times shall come. For males shall be lovers of their very own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parental fees, unthankful, unholy, without organic affection, trucebreakers, false acccustomers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are excellent, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures even more than lovers of God.

Think of that summary in terms of what I have just described as a fruitful life of multiplying, replenishing, subduing, dominating, dressing and keeping. In the last days you live in a human being that doesn’t believe in living a fruitful life. Turn to 2 Nephi 28 verses 20 via 23 wbelow it’s describing: “For behold, at that day shall he rage in the hearts of the children of men, and also stir them up to anger against that which is good.”

So in our day we watch societies of discontent, unhappiness, and misery. That’s what is shown in famous society, movies, and regularly in politics to stir human being up versus things that are excellent. Anger is component of this. Verse 21 is another tactic of the evil one, “And others will he pacify, and lull them away into carnal protection, saying all is well.” I would certainly define that in our modern terms as apathy. As you look around you in contemporary society and exactly how things are illustrated and taught, you will come right up versus the concept of apathy. We hear, “Why have to it matter? Why carry out we care? Why bother?” Match that up versus a description of being fruitful.

The 3rd tactic of the adversary this particular day, “Others he flattereth ameans, and telleth them there is no hell; and also saying I am no adversary, for there is none.” This flattery I would explain in our day as entitlement. Entitlement is a idea that is taught nearly as a religion across the civilization today. Measure that versus the command also to be fruitful. All of these techniques of the evil one are extremely successful bereason they make life easier for civilization who don’t desire to be fruitful, to multiply, replenish, subdue, have preeminence, and dress and keep.

The devil’s methods are alive and also well this particular day. You have the right to additionally study them in Alma chapter 30. There are all forms of Korihor awide in the earth this day. An anti-Christ would certainly teach you all kinds of points that would certainly take you off your path and covenant to be fruitful. That’s what we’re guarding versus today. For example, we are facing today enhancing opposition to family members, to a guy and also a woguy being sealed in the Lord’s covenant. Fewer and fewer world are valuing a spiritual covenant partnership. We additionally watch much denigration about the concept of multiplying; of households via children, (having youngsters and also more family members). against anypoint that gets in the way of parenthood and also the idea of enhancing the variety of the Lord’s children in the covenant, is not according to the Lord’s setup and also command to be fruitful.

We live now in a telestial people via a celestial duty. So we have to adapt and also we need to job-related difficult to live the Lord’s covenant. We recognize that world, federal governments, cultures and people that follow the adversary’s method of apathy, entitlement, and anger inevitably are ruined. They’re living a life that leads them to extinction. Whereas those who make and store a covenant through our Heavenly Father live a fruitful life of multiplying, replenishing, subduing and also having actually rule and dressing and also keeping their resides.

Often our everyday battle against opplace leaves us also worn down to perform the things in our stays and also homes that would aid us carry out all that is “praiseworthy and of good report” (Article of Faith 13). Read with me in Moroni, chapter 7, this wonderful means to judge. Verse 16:

For behold, the Spirit of Christ is provided to every male, that he might recognize excellent from evil; wherefore, I display unto you the means to judge; for every point which inviteth to carry out good, and also to guide to think in Christ, is sent out forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may understand through the perfect expertise that is of God.

But whatsoever before thing persuadeth guys to carry out evil and believe not in Christ, and also deny him, and serve not God, then ye might know through a perfect expertise it is of the devil; for after this manner doth the evil one job-related, for he persuadeth no man to do excellent, no not one; neither carry out his angels; neither carry out they who topic themselves unto him.

Our Savior and also Agreement through Him

Now, with the Lord’s command to be fruitful, He additionally kbrand-new namong us would certainly be perfect in adhering to that command; that we would need His help, we would certainly require intervention and also mercy and also miracles. We would not be able to live a fruitful life according to His description unmuch less we were blessed by an eternal power and also authority that would certainly redeem and also exalt His children. This is wbelow the Savior stepped forward in Abraham chapter 3 and shelp, “Here am I. Send me.” And He readily available to administer an atonement to make up the difference for imperfectly lived resides.

Now, when we go to the holy place and make covenants, this is then our promise, and also we obtain the power and also the blessing and also the privileges to be able to achieve this fruitful living. When you go to the temple, you do not go through the temple as if you are going via a drive-up home window of a fast food restaurant. You are not going tbelow to take anything out as in world saying, “I’m going to the holy place to take out my endowment.” We go to the holy place to receive our gift. It is an endowment we obtain. In the holy place we receive the instructions, the devices and all the blessings that allow us to live a fruitful life. A friend freshly defined the blessings of the priesthood as “the power and authority by which all the blessings of the Lord’s Atonement are administered.” And we’re taught in the book “Daughters in My Kingdom,” that Heavenly Father’s sons and also daughters are equally blessed as they draw upon the powers of the priesthood (web page 127).

So when you go to the holy place, which is the Lord’s excellent university, from now until the last visit you will have actually in the temple on this earth, you need to go with the concept that you are going to pay attention. Pay attention to all that is said and also done there; to how it is done; the various obligations each perkid hregarding help us access Heavenly Father’s blessings in our resides. The bibles, because the moment of Adam and also Eve, have actually then become a document of some of the human being that have actually made covenants with our Heavenly Father and also exactly how they’ve tried amidst opposition to live the commandment to be fruitful, to multiply and replenish, to subdue, have preeminence, to dress and also save their stays. In our recent General Conference, Elder Ballard offered a wonderful discourse about the priesthood and also the blessings of the priesthood. You have the right to check out that prior to you go to the temple following time and also prepare to learn.

Examples of Fruitful Living

Any prospering and harvest time calls for miracles. As we drove up right here today we passed the beautiful ranches and also ranches and also we thought, “what faith it takes to sow the seed and then pray for the right quantities of light and also water in order to make that fruit grow so we deserve to have actually an plentiful harvest, a fruitful harvest.”

When my parental fees were married they went on a tiny auto expedition for their honeymoon. They chose that they were going to have actually this family and they needed to recognize just how to take care of their family. My mommy was always one who was a planner. So, on a paper sack she began taking notes of their conversation. She said, “What is our household going to be like? What carry out we desire them to accomplish? Do we desire our youngsters to be married in the temple? Do we want our children to serve missions? Do we desire our youngsters to get a university education?” And my father on his honeymoon agreed to whatever. He also shelp they need to all take piano lessons. So then they sassist, “Well, in order to execute that then we’ll have actually home evening, and also we’ll have scripture study. We’ll go to church eextremely week; we will certainly accept callings and serve. We will teach them the gospel to the ideal of our capability.” When my mommy concerned the concept of education, my father said, I think in education however I’m a bad guy. So she composed dvery own “work-related.” “We’ll have to teach them to work-related.”

And those principles began to emerge in their household and come into operation in their stays. They didn’t understand their household would certainly thrive to encompass ten youngsters. They didn’t understand they would certainly be in the university organization for 25 years, and also by then the grandkids were starting to come and also acquire right into universities. They didn’t know the effort it would certainly take to send out six missionaries, to prepare ten youngsters for temple marrieras, and also then as the grandchildren came, 65 of them, they felt their obligation increased. But I have constantly been touched by that story of my parental fees who upon making a covenant via the Lord acquired to occupational making a plan for how to multiply, replenish, subdue, have preeminence, to dress and also store in their household because they had actually this vision of a fruitful, numerous harvest.

Now, in Moses chapter 7, we check out around our time and you’ll recognize some of what’s happening. In Moses 7, (and also 6 as well, it’s all great) verse 62 says:

And righteousness will I sfinish down out of heaven; and truth will certainly I send forth out of the earth, to bear testimony of mine Only Begotten; his resurrection from the dead; yea, and also likewise the resurrection of all men; and also righteousness and fact will I cause to move the earth as through the flood, to gather out mine elect from the 4 quarters of the earth, unto a area which I shall prepare, an Holy City that my world might gird up their loins, and also be looking forth to the time of my coming.

Now brothers and also sisters don’t you just feel this flood coming—of missionaries joining the flood, of a force to go out and also multiply the variety of Heavenly Father’s youngsters in the covenant? Don’t you just feel the affect of a fruitful seachild in the Church—of righteousness and also fact sweeping the earth? But, all of that will certainly be for naught if missionaries return from their missions without the vision of truly being fruitful; of multiplying, of replenishing in their own family members of producing this covenant in their own stays, and developing homes that will be fruitful unto the Lord. Not every one of you came from an exceptional, fruitful background. I had actually a father-in-legislation who came from difficult circumstances as a young man and he told me several times, “You have actually two possibilities for a happy, eternal family. The initially one is the one you’re born into; and also the second one is the one you develop. And it’s the second one that counts. Don’t blow your second opportunity,” he sassist.

Be Fruitful

So this concept of being fruitful and also maintaining is essential. And the covenants you’ve made are essential. If you’ll study in the Doctrine and also Covenants around the power that the Lord is giving us through His blessings, you will be amazed. Section 84 (verses 19-21) in the Doctrine and also Covenants teaches us about some of the things that take place in the holy place. “This greater priesthood” that administers the gospel and also holds the crucial of the mysteries of the kingdom “also the essential of the understanding of God. As such, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest. And without the ordinances thereof and also the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto man in the flesh.” If tbelow were time, I would check out through you the godly power that comes into our resides via each covenant we make and also eexceptionally ordinance we receive. What blessings we have actually brothers and also sisters.

Now, once the Lord comes, those that are standing still in His presence will be the ones that understand this principle of being fruitful. The Savior Jesus Christ came down and performed His magnificent Atonement to enable that idea to be feasible and it is within the realm of possibility for every one of us. The Lord told Adam and Eve to be fruitful, to multiply, to replenish the earth, to subdue and have actually preeminence and also to dress and also keep the human being they were introduced right into. That is still our challenge, our possibility, our blessing, yet we’re not left alone. We have the ordinances and also the covenants the Lord has actually provided us that allow us to live fruitful stays.

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I bear you my testimony that this is the true recovered gospel of Jesus Christ establimelted on the earth by the prophet Joseph Smith, that Joseph truly did enter a grove of trees and also kneel and also market a supreme, humble prayer with a good question. And out of that question came an excellent fruit and also flowering, also the gospel of Jesus Christ, completely brought back via all the blessings our Heavenly Father would offer to His youngsters. It proceeds this day and also is led with the prophet Thomas S. Monkid. Of that I testify as I leave with you my excellent love and also confidence and also my hope that we will all access the blessings and powers of the Savior’s Atonement to live fruitful lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amales.