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(Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Universal Pictures has actually released the Mrs. Grey Will See You Now trailer for Fifty Shades Freed, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnkid. Based on the steamiest novels by E. L. James, the 3rd installment of the erotic drama continues the forbidden tryst in between Christian Grey and also Anastasia Steele.

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As we previously mentioned, Fifty Shades Darker started via a broken-hearted Christian Grey (Dornan) trying to win back Anastasia Steele (Johnson). Before offering him an additional opportunity, Anastasia requirements a new plan. As the 2 attempt to discover trust and stcapacity in their partnership, shadowy numbers from Christian’s previous start to resurchallenge.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Check out why we’re rooting for Mrs. Grey in the new Fifty Shades Freed trailer:

5) We Love Dakota Johnson!I simply can’t look ameans once it comes to the How To Be Single starlet. She represents Hollytimber royalty as the daughter of Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and also Melanie Griffith (Working Girl).

4) The New Rivals!

Anastasia Steele (Johnson) has actually constantly hosted her own, particularly with Christian (Dornan) and also their common life of deluxe. But coming to be Mrs. Grey suggests no relaxation from the unfamiliar brand-new hazards that could jeopardize their happy ending.

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3) Three Against One!

Fifty Shades Darker‘s Kim Basinger retransforms as the massive bad Elena Lincoln, Grey’s business partner and also previous lover. Another character from the publications, the flirty Gia Matteo is played by The Uninvited actress Arielle Kebbel. Then there’s Anastasia’s psycho ex-boyfriend, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), who’s joined the dark side.

2) She’s Pregnant!?!

I don’t understand exactly how I feel around this spoiler at the end of the trailer; it’s pretty big. If you haven’t read the publications, newbies are favor “What!?!” And if you have actually, then you’re likewise prefer, “You still have actually a movie after that twist?” It looks prefer they do!

1) Crazy Chick With A Gun!

We did this #ForYou! Had so much fun in the studio through
RitaOra. Our new single from the #FiftyShadesFreed soundtrack drops this Friday January 5. pic.twitter.com/rT9K44F9gp

— Liam (
LiamPayne) January 3, 2018

With the news of pregnancy and also a baby on the method, Anastasia will certainly have to carry out more than simply fight ago. This sexy mama is packing warm but will she end up shooting the wrong person?

Fifty Shades Freed arrives in theaters Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018. Fifty Shades Darker – Unrated Edition DVD/Blu-Ray is out in stores currently.