Direct materials price that varies with the number of units created is an instance of a solved price of production

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False:addressed expenses are costs that remain the same in total dollar amount as the task base changes
The selection of task over which transforms in cost are of interest to administration is called the pertinent array.
The ratio that indicates the percent of each sales dollar accessible to cover the fixed expenses and to carry out operating income is termed the contribution margin ratio.
The complying with is a list of various prices of creating sweatshirts. Classify each expense as either a variable, solved, or mixed costs for units produced and also sold._______Depreciation on sewing machings based on sweatshirts developed per year.________ Workers manufacturing bonus for meeting budgeted systems plus $.001 per unit for devices over budacquire.______ Property tazes on manufacturing facility, structure and also tools.______Cotton and polyester cloth_____Maintenace prices for $2,000 per year plus $.001 per hour of usage of sewing machines.1. Variable2. Mixed Cost3. Fixed
The complying with is a list of assorted expenses of developing sweatshirts. Classify each cost as either a variable, solved, or mixed costs for units developed and also offered.___Color dyes for creating various colors of sweatshirts.___Straight-line depreciation on sewing machines___ Advertising expenses of $10,000 per month.___ Salary of the production supervisor.___ Sales Salaries1. Fixed2. Variable3. Mixed Cost
The following is a list of assorted prices of creating sweatshirts. Classify each expense as either a variable, fixed, or combined expenses for devices created and marketed.____ Lubricants used to oil machinery.___ Janitorial costs of $2,000 per month___ Electricity expenses of $0.025 per kilowatt-hour___ Warehouse rent of $6,000 per month plus $.50 per square foot of storage offered.___ Thread1. Variable2. Fixed3. Mixed Cost
Cost actions refers to the manner in which: a expense is alsituated to assets a cost is used in establishing selling prices a price alters as the associated activity changes a cost is estimated
Most operating decisions of monitoring emphasis on a narrow array of activity referred to as the: strategic level of manufacturing tactical operating level of production optimal level of production pertinent selection of production
Which of the adhering to is NOT an example of a cost that varies in full as the number of systems developed changes? Weras of assembly worker Direct products price Straight-line depreciation on manufacturing facility equipment Electricity per KWH to operate manufacturing facility equipment
As production boosts, what have to occur to the resolved expenses per unit? Stay the same. Increase. Decrease. Either boost or decrease, depending upon the variable prices.
Contribution margin is: A. the excess of sales revenue over variable price B. another term for volume in the "cost-volume-profit" evaluation C. profit D. the very same as sales revenue
Which of the complying with problems would reason the break-even suggest to decrease? A. Total resolved expenses rise B. Unit offering price decreases C. Unit variable cost decreases D. Unit variable cost increases
The relative circulation of sales among the various assets sold by a company is termed the: A. business"s basket of items B. contribution margin mix C. sales mix D. product portfolio


Horngren"s Financial & Managerial Accounting6th EditionBrenda L Mattikid, Ella Mae Matsumura, Tracie Miller-Nobles
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