The following day, after placing dvery own a dozen zombies and burning their bodies, Morgan begins fighting aobtain with an apparition. “You recognize what it is,” he exclintends, again, just as the gorganize of Gavin says to Mbody organ at the end of this week’s episode. “You recognize what it is! You know what it is!”

The cycle is repeating. Morgan is losing his mind, but it’s vital to understand why he is losing his mind. It all goes earlier to Morgan’s son, Duane. When Morgan and/or Gavin says, “You were supposed to,” they are referring to Duane. He had actually a gun, one that Rick had provided him in the pilot episode of the series, and he was “intended to” kill his zombified mother with it. But he couldn’t pull the trigger, and Duane’s mom/Morgan’s wife eliminated Duane. “You had the knife, you had the gun.

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You were supposed to. You understand you were intended to,” Mbody organ mumbresulted in the ghost of his son ago in the sixth seakid, prior to knocking over the lantern that melted down his residence.

Even currently, Mbody organ proceeds to blame himself for his son’s fatality, and also after Henry eliminated Gavin, it all came flooding earlier, specifically currently that Henry is lacking.

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It is post-traumatic stress and anxiety syndrome, and also the just means that Morgan can defeat it the last time was by leaving his home and also meeting Eastman, who nursed his psychological state ago to wellness.

That’s precisely what have to take place aget now: Morgan should leave, and ultimately, that’s how he will finish up via the cast of Fear the Walking Dead.