WWE"s lengthy break in between pay-per-views is nearly over, and also the rumor mill is beginning to click right into gear ahead of Money in the Bank 2018 on June 17.

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This week, talk has actually emerged of not just potential matches that might show up on the card for that show yet additionally about the feuds that could have actually a permanent future beyond Money in the Bank.

There"s an injury upday on among WWE"s current champions—and it is news that will certainly leave many type of fans worrying.

In addition, there"s a huge upday on the bout that is looking increasingly most likely to headline SummerSlam. Much like that previously mentioned injury, it will be news not many type of fans will welcome.

Here"s this week"s rumor roundup.

Andrade "Cien" Almas to Make Main Roster PPV Dehowever at MITB?
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Andrade "Cien" Almas" deyet on the main roster has been rather of a sluggish construct, yet it might be increased in the coming weeks.

Fans observed Almas assault Sin Cara after the latter revealed the details of their long-standing history, instantly sparking speculation it might cause Almas" initially major roster feud. 

And those beliefs look collection to be fairly exact. PWInsider (h/t Randall Ortguy at Cageside Seats) reported this week that Almas vs. Sin Cara is a great bet to be included to the Money in the Bank card.

It"s hard to imagine anything other than an Almas victory, provided WWE will sucount have actually massive plans for him given that stepping up from NXT.

This is a great feud for him to begin via.

Jeff Hardy Dealing with Another Injury?
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There"s not excellent news emerging for fans of Jeff Hardy this week.

A report from PWTorch"s Jonny Fairplay (h/t Marc Middleton at WrestlingInc) has actually revealed that Hardy is taking care of a pinched nerve, which is bring about numbness in Jeff"s fingers.

With Hardy"s TV appearances limited over the last month or so, this might be the reason why fans haven"t checked out also much of the guy holding the United States Championship.

Hardy looked set for a bideal future after breaking away from brother Matt in the current Superstar Shake-Up, heading to SmackDown after winning the belt from Jinder Mahal.

There are enemies on the blue brand for Hardy to have electrifying feuds with, not leastern of all the likes of Daniel Bryan and also Samoa Joe.

Here"s hoping that the injury isn"t also serious and also Hardy is back to a permanent schedule shortly.

AJ vs. Nakamura to Continue Beyond MITB?
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The feud in between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura has started to really shine considering that Nakamura"s heel revolve at WrestleMania 34.

Before that, it had actually limped to the best display of the year, but WWE deserves crmodify for sticking via it as SmackDown"s headline feud for the WWE Championship.

It looks favor the feud will proceed beyond their Last Man Standing match at Money in the Bank.

That"s bereason, per a report that appeared from Raj Giri at WrestlingInc over the last week, declaring has Styles vs. Nakamura provided as a match for WWE live events throughout the month of August.

That could mean the feud going all the method to SummerSlam in August, when it would probably be settled when and for all.

Interestingly, advertisements likewise list a Fatal 4-Way in between Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, The Miz and also Rusev for the United States Championship. That can be a hint regarding which method WWE is going with those 4 males past Money in the Bank.

What Match Will Headline SummerSlam 2018?
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Bad news for WWE fans hoping to watch another Raw main occasion talent acquire a swarm at Brock Lesnar and also the Universal Championship.

Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Corey Jacobs of WrestlingNews.co), it seems that Roguy Reigns will be Lesnar"s adversary at SummerSlam through the title on the line.

Sure, Lesnar and Reigns execute feel prefer they"ve somewhat acquired unfiniburned service, yet the time felt ideal all the exact same for guys like Braun Strowmale or also Finn Balor.

Of course, with Money in the Bank taking place prior to SummerSlam, there"s the possibility the man with the briefinstance can present up at SummerSlam and steal the title from Reigns or Lesnar.

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But best now, it"s looking favor Lesnar vs. Reigns yet aacquire, and also fans are bound to be unhappy around that. 

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