Love the idea of a fun hair makeover without the commitment of long-term color? Then semi-long-term hair dye is a dream come true; you acquire the possibility to play via an amazing brand-new look, but without irreversible obligation to a particular color.

Semi-long-term hair dye lasts around 4-6 weeks. If you fall in love via a shade during that time, you have the right to proceed to include the exact same shade in your hair for touch-ups. However, if you decide you’re not in love through your shade, you additionally have the freedom to fade it out and try something new! 

Whether you’ve just always wondered how you would certainly look as a bold red-head or you love keeping up with existing shade fads, semi-permanent hair dye is the revolutionary hair shade motion perfect for customizing self-expression. 


Here are some of the a lot of widespread inquiries we gain around semi-long-term hair dye, answered!

What is semi-permanent hair dye?


Semi-permanent hair dye is a dye that coats the surconfront of the hair shaft, rather than dyeing the inner cuticle of the hair and essentially transforming the color of the hair.

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This creates an easy-on, easy-off solution that have the right to be blended to produce various tradition colors and also shades. This indicates that it’s excellent for altering out your shade whenever before you obtain the itch to try something new!

Benefits of Good Dye Young Semi-Perm Dyes:

High top quality cream base; choose a hair mask, it problems as you’re dyeing!Color lasts 4-6 weeks!Vibrant shade that’s mixable so you have the right to produce your own tradition shade!Peroxide and also Ammonia totally free so it won’t damages your hair!Includes Sunflower Extract, wealthy in Vitamins A, C, and E to condition the hair!Scented with Bergamot Essential Oil, for a subtle citrus scent that promotes feelings of happiness and also warmth!Vegan!Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certified!Free From List: Ammonia-Free, Peroxide-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, 4-APB Free, PPD-Free, Persulfates-Free, Paraben-Free, Resorcinol-Free, MEA-Free, Nickel-Free

Quick on time? No problem! Semi-long-term dye just requirements to sit on the hair for around 30 minutes after application.