this quiz is mindmuch less actions its to watch which mindmuch less habits boy is right for you each question will tell weather you are perfect for either prodigy,roc imperial,ray ray or princeton. i hope this helps you and i hope it functions.

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are you perfect for prodigy, roc royal,ray ray, or princeton. this quiz will certainly identify which mindmuch less habits boy is perfect for you i hope it helps you.

Created by: Alexis

are you funny and also fun to be roughly and also you have actually a lot of friends and also they favor you because you are nice fun to be around yes idk (i dont know) idc ( i dont care) nodo you have actually a good sense of style and also understand how to dress and also it makes you look good yes no idkdo you favor to talk and favor to constantly be the one through the answers yes no not all the timeare you shy or confident shy confident in the middlewhat form of music perform you like rock hip hop pop R&Bwhats your favorite color pink purple blue red green blackWhats your favorite accessories hats necklaces glasses arm bands shoeswhat is your favorite sort of hair style afro ponytail braids moehawk curly straightwhat perform you care about more pets appearence peace lifewho do you favor in mindless behavior roc imperial prodigy ray ray princeton

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