"Sheight It, Get Some Help" is a quote said by former skilled basketsphere player Michael Jordan in an anti-drug public service announcement (PSA) that originally aired in May 1987. On Vine and YouTube, Jordan"s PSA has actually been widely supplied as a reaction video to poke fun at cringeworthy media or expush disapproval of habits and comments by others.

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Sponsored by McDonald"s and also starring Michael Jordan, the anti-drug public service announcement premiered on ABC at the end of the network"s anti-drug TV one-of-a-kind routine Cracked Up that initially aired on May 2sixth, 1987. In the minute-long video, Jordan urges teens to stay ameans from doing drugs, while pleading those via substance abusage difficulties to "soptimal it" and "obtain some aid." The earliest digital copy of the original video was uploaded by YouTuber EightiesTV on February 4th, 2010.

Jordan: Listen, you got at least three-fourths of your life to go. That"s three more lifetimes to you. So don"t blow it. Don"t execute drugs. If you"re doing it, stop it. Get some aid.


During the first fifty percent of the 2010s, several duplicates of Michael Jordan"s PSA video ongoing to surconfront on YouTube, and also in the future, Vine; On January second, 2014, Viner James King uploaded a video clip clip combining an excerpt from Eminem"s 2013 single "Rap God" and also Michael Jordan"s soundbite, which stays the earliest well-known use of the PSA clip in a parody remix video to day.

On April 2third, 2016, YouTuber Violet Dirge<1> uploaded an isolated video clip of Jordan saying "speak it, get some assist," along with a short summary explaining its intfinished usage as a forum weapon, garnering over 220,000 views in just around four months. On May 31st, YouTuber XxWoLfxX115<2> uploaded a video titled "Furries need to sheight and also obtain some aid," racking up over 50,000 views.

On June 7th, Viner Cringe Based uploaded a video clip clip of a male at a grocery talking dirty to a box of Betty Crocker"s "super-moist" cake, accompanied by Jordan"s "soptimal it" soundbite. In much less than two months, the clip built up over 2.8 million views, 74,000 likes and 2,000 comments, serving as a major amplifier for the #getsomeassist hashtag on Vine.

Throughout June and August 2016, a number of dozens of "sheight it, obtain some help" remixes featuring cringeworthy videos popped up on Vine, adhered to by compilations of noteworthy remixes and also parodies on YouTube.<3><4>





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