You can be thinking: is this a worthy-of-buying release? And the answer is: "maybe".The main suggest is, what are you? An prehistoric fan of Blind Guardian"s magic Tolkien-favor tales via a speedy power metal soundtrack? Or are you simply beginning to navigate into the tempestuous and powerful waters of the band?If the answer is the initially one, then my friend, this thing is a complete wreck. Not worthy of any kind of examination at all. Nothing here is better than what you can find in the lps. Not even the recombined songs, because there are some remixes below, overcomes or are good enough to relocation the elder versions. In reality, the originals have a magic touch, a taste of the old days as soon as magic and also mixing still were something of a craftsman. Now, doing this sort of power steel is straightforward as the conventions of the style were currently met and sound engineers are a lot of of them clever before enough to put the best mix, so in that conmessage and also with the mistakes, if any type of, in the older versions, they are better than the ones below. So, if you are an ancient fan of the Guardian, below we gained no even more than steel detritus, points we recognize, we currently have actually and nopoint even more, nothing new.But if you are a newcomer and also you are witnessing the power of Blind Guardian for the initially time, this thing will certainly most likely make you loss in love via the band also in the battach of an eye. It contains essentially all the hit songs, the fans-renowned songs of the band, each and every one of them. Those 30 pieces are the tastiest sample of what you will obtain if you dare to enter deeper right into BG"s world. If you"re fan of Tolkien, the point will certainly be also quicker. And that"s it. I know several friends who never heard of Blind Guardian before and also they always say to me "I gone into right into Blind Guardian thanks to Memories of a Time to Come". That must occupational, someexactly how, as evidence of what I"m saying.So, for not making this review longer than what have to be, bereason there is nothing else to be shelp, a final synthesis would certainly be: if you are an old fan of the band, prevent this, it"s unworthy for wasting money. But if you desire to start something new and also have actually a taste of Blind Guardian"s power for the first time, this could be the perfect ticket for entering into the realm. Giving this album the correct rating was challenging, but I think I"m trying to be the the majority of fair I deserve to be.

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And considering it is one of the many complete compilation albums I"ve watched, I offered it a few additional points for it. This release is worthy for newcomers, however nopoint more.