When Anne Hathaway sat down for an intersee through then-organize of NBC"s TODAY Show, Matt Lauer in 2012, she probably didn"t understand that she had actually just wrapped up what would certainly rotate out to be her best ever movie performance.

She remained in the midst of a media tour to promote her new film, Les Miserables, wbelow she had played the character Fantine. It had already been a tough few days for Hathaway, following an embarrassing wardrobe malattribute at the film"s premiere that was captured on electronic camera and conveniently went viral.

Hathaway should have actually certainly hoped to quickly move on from the ordeal and just emphasis on cultivating the film. Instead, when she sat dvery own for the Lauer interview, she acquired nothing from the organize except an exacerbation of the instance. The exreadjust was so hard to watch, that fans are still talking around it virtually ten years later.

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Received Widespreview Praise

In August 2011, Digital Spy reported that Hathaway was set to join the cast of Tom Hooper"s big-display screen adaptation of the 1862 novel by Victor Hugo. Alongside Rusmarket Crowe, they would be joining Australian actor Hugh Jackguy in leading duties on the film.

Les Miserables tells the story of a prisoner called Jean Valjean (Jackman) who is released at the end of a superfluously lengthy sentence. Given his marked status as a previous prisoner, Valjean is unable to uncover hocolony occupational and also relocates to a distant tvery own. Tright here, he rises to ultimately come to be mayor.

Fantine is a worker at a factory that Valjean owns. She drops foul of a vindictive foreman and is fired after he discovers that she has actually a baby out of wedlock. Hathaway obtained widespread praise for her performance, both in terms of acting and singing.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine in via: IMDb
One review on Movie Fanatic check out, "Hathaway renders the many of her time onscreen (which is not much) and also belts out a  I Dreamed a Dream that meets and also tops all previous versions you"ve heard... She does much more than sing in that iconic musical moment. The actress turns in a performance that will steal your heart and haunts the entire film."

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Upset Audiences

Such high praise for Hathaway was just where the accolades started for her performance. For that one role, she got even more than 50 award nominations, from which she won among multiple others, an Osauto, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

If nopoint else, this sort of recognition can have gone some way to counteract the ignominy she had actually suffered at the premiere and on Lauer"s present. The TODAY Show organize had actually opened the intersee by making a quite distasteful recommendation to Hathaway"s inadvertent expocertain by saying, "Anne Hathaway, great morning, nice to watch you... Seen the majority of you lately."

Flustered, the actress fairly deftly tried to dodge the topic and also pivot back to the movie. "Sorry around that," she shelp. "I"d be happy to remain house, however... the film." Lauer didn"t take the hint and also instead proceeded to follow up via a victim-blaming question that upset Hathaway as a lot as it did audiences. "Wardrobe malattribute the other night... What"s the leskid learned from somepoint like that?"


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Anne Hathaway won multiple awards for her portrayal of Fantine. via: Insider

Tactful In Her Response

Once again, Hathamethod was quite tactful in her response. "Well, it was obviously an unfortunate incident," she rued. "It type of made me sad on 2 accounts. One was that - I was incredibly sad that we live in an era as soon as someone takes a snapshot of one more perchild in a vulnerable minute and rather than delete it and carry out the decent thing, sells it."

She then went ahead to attract parallels in between the event and the experiences of Fantine in the film, who is ultimately forced into sex occupational. "And I’m sorry that we live in a society that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants," Hathamethod ongoing. "Which brings us back to Les Mis. Due to the fact that that"s what my character is. She is someone that is required to sell sex to advantage her kid."

Lauer was eventually fired by NBC adhering to sepaprice allegations of sexual impropriety in 2017. Because then, people have actually often carried up his interwatch via Hathamethod as "Exhilittle A" of how his reported predatory behavior was always bubbling under the surface. At the same time, Hathaway is lauded for the means she handled the whole affair.

In May 2020, one particular Twitter post check out, "Sometimes I simply randomly think of that time Matt Lauer asked Anne Hathamethod around the up-skirt photo of her that got taken and circulated, and also the means she made the problem all around creepy guys AND carried it ago to her function in Les Mis and I simply smile at what a badass she is."


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