The comedian teased her fellow NBC organize by superimposing his head on a half-naked, leather-and-chains-clad body.

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In true Ellen DeGeneres style, the comedic daytime organize spoofed Matt Lauer by superimposing his head on a scantily clad body wearing whips and chains as he interperceived the Fifty Shades of Grey stars on the Today present.

On Ellen’s afternoon show, the host told audiences around the film’s upcoming Valentine’s-weekend release and also the rise of push promovement for the film.

“The Today present has been mirroring exclusive clips of movie for the past two weeks, and also they’ve been interviewing the stars,” sassist DeGeneres, including, “And boy, they’re getting right into it. I was watching this morning and Matt Lauer — just take a look.”


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The video cuts to a clip of Jamie Dornan alongside Dakota Johnson prior to it concentrates on Lauer interviewing the 2 — while half-naked, wearing studded chains, booty shorts, mid-climb leather boots and cracking a whip.

Lauer, whose head is obviously edited onto another male’s body, proceeds to organize up handcuffs after he wishes the two actors excellent luck via their film.

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Fifty Shades hits theaters on Friday and also will certainly contend for the Valentine’s-weekend box office through Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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