Hyascendancy Foundry is a blog that combines the ever-changing civilization of 3D printing and the timemuch less Zelda Universe. Posts are around 3D printing, Zelda and also a mix of the two!

The White Sword

By this time in the Zelda collection, the White Sword has been absent for many countless years. Its beginning comes from the Misnish Cap, the second game in the Zelda timeline. Originally the Picori Blade was reforged right into the White Sword and then to the the Four Sword. So did the Four Sword revert someexactly how earlier to the white sword and make its way to this component of the timeline? Here in the original Legend of Zelda it provides its only various other recognized appearance, presented to Link by the old guy in a cave.

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The impetus for the design comes greatly from the 8 bit item through a small influence from the game hands-on.

Today we will be viewing a bonus video by Youtuber Eligible Monster, describing the background of the Master Sword.

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Hyascendancy Foundry is a blog that combines the ever-transforming world of 3D printing and the timeless Zelda Universe. Posts are about 3D printing, Zelda and a mix of the two!

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