When the modern ways of dating don't work, four singles go to the two people who know them best -- their parents -- in hopes of finding their soulmates and walking down the aisle.

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StarringDevin Duggan, Marissa Salviano, Bethany LaytonGenresUnscriptedSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

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Four singles, who have been unlucky in love decide to let their parents pick the person they will marry.Their parents will "date" their prospective suitors in hopes of finding "the one."

Devin’s parents pick his wife and are anxious to know how he will react when they meet at the altar for the first time. Tensions rise as Bethany’s parents start to go on their dates. Marissa’s dad scares his first date by taking him to a gun range.

It's Devin's big day and he'll meet the bride his parents picked for him for the first time at the altar. Tahnee's mom starts the search for her husband. Bethany’s parents struggle to decide who to propose to. Marissa’s dad has to leave unexpectedly.

Devin and Ursula’s family have brunch together for the first time. Bethany prepares for her wedding day. Tahnee’s “bonus dad” joins her mom and stepmom to meet two potential husbands. Marissa is shocked to find out her dad left town, unexpectedly.
Bethany's big day comes with some big time wedding dress stress. On their honeymoon, Devin and Ursula unpack each other's "baggage". Marissa's dad leaves, unexpectedly, and Tahnee's mom and stepmom disagree on which man is best for their daughter.
Bethany and Billy confess their love for one another. Team Tahnee break the news to her that they didn't find her a husband. Devin and Ursula unpack each other's baggage while playing never have I ever. Marissa's date wants to surf into her good graces.
Ursula’s friends are not convinced Devin is a good guy and question his trustworthiness. Tahnee breaks-down while trying on wedding dresses. Billy moves in with Bethany & discovers she pretty messy. Marissa and Leslie meet a potential husband.
Team Tahnee finally pops the question. Devin strikes up an old flame. Marissa begins planning her wedding. Bethany makes an impression on Billy’s parents.
Tensions rise in Bethany and Billy’s relationship. Ursula returns from her trip and Tahnee gets married.

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Ursula moves in with Devin. Tahnee and Matt work on their marriage. Billy drops a bombshell on Bethany. Marissa tells her father that she quits the process.