One thing that has actually been a consistent in my life since I was a teenager is my coffee. I am a self-professed coffee fifinish.

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It was kind of the hip thing to carry out in high institution. We would certainly hang out late night in diners and also drink coffee.

Little did I understand then that it would be such a need as I got older. I crave it as quickly as I wake up.

As a busy mother, coffee is what perks me up in the morning (as much as that is feasible – not certain I’d ever before be described as a perky person).

What I do understand is that I am pretty usemuch less if I don’t have my morning coffee.

Being a impairment parent has also supposed that my power level is often depleted via the chronic stress and also needs.

Coffee enables me to function (somewhat) and also push via those power lags.

The outcome of years and years of coffee drinking is that my teeth are not the whitest.

In reality, it’s one point that I am pretty self conscious about.

While I would not provide up my coffee for all the world, I have actually constantly wished that I can have a whiter, brighter smile.

I have tried the magical toothpaste that many of my friends have actually raved about digital. I saw no distinction.

I thought that perhaps my teeth were just too far gone from years of caffeine to ever before have actually a bappropriate smile.


After all, I had actually not had any kind of luck via assets in the previous that promised whiter teeth.

But I figured I would offer it a try. They asked for an honest review, so I was ready to execute simply that.

In my mind, I was going to use the product and create a evaluation around just how it didn’t job-related for me.

However before, this time was different. I did check out outcomes and I can not assist but smile and display off my whiter, brighter teeth.

This is a sponsored article. All opinions are my very own.

The very initially point I noticed around the device is that it is not overwhelmingly complex.

That is much appreciated when you are a busy impairment mom via not most time to waste on figuring out convoluted directions.

Step one affiliated using the had paste to brush your teeth. Easy sufficient.

It is likewise recommended to floss. My dentist would be so proud.

Next action is to rinse via the provided “Accelerinse”. Aget, easy. So far, so good.

Now for the major stuff – using the stain lifting serum. For some factor, I was afrhelp to perform this wrong and also pictured myself looking like Ross from friends (raise your hand if you remember that episode!)


After shaking the serum, you simply use it to your teeth via the little bit brush. It type of reminded me of white out.

I had no concept if I was using too a lot or too little bit. But I just did my ideal to coat my teeth and also moved on to the following step.

This is where I offered the Luster Pro Light. What I prefer is that it’s very basic (once you gain the included batteries in tbelow correctly).

One easy button to push and also that’s it. The two beeps signal the beginning of the two minutes.

Simply shine the light on your teeth and wait for it to beep again to let you understand time’s up.

I rested my lips on the Pro Light which was simply the appropriate form. It felt a tiny funny, however no genuine inconvenience.

Now here’s the best part – 2 minutes! Yep, that’s ideal. Just 2 minutes and you’re done.

You execute have the choice of doing even more than one “treatment” at a time to speed up results.The collection includes sufficient product for as much as 20 therapies.

But if you are strapped for time or desire to whiten your teeth progressively, then 2 minutes is all it takes.

And tright here are no yucky trays or awkward strips that acquire mushy and loss off. Those points have the right to take approximately a fifty percent hour and also are such an inconvenience.

I have super sensitive teeth. But this device was gentle on both my teeth and also gums. It’s additionally safe for enamel.


In addition to the device, I was also givenLuster Premium White AM/PM™ toothpaste to try.

What I love around this twice a day whitening device is it compliments the outcomes I achieved through the Pro Light System.

Use the AM in the morning to begin your day through fresher breath and also visibly whiter teeth after simply one brushing.

Then usage the PM in the evening to put stubborn teeth stains to bed through 2X even more whitening power to safely remove stains.

The AM/PM toothpaste is even more tooth whitening power but also fights cavities, strengthens enamel and freshens breath.

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I wish I had much better photography skills to highlight my results. But here are my teeth after just 5 different times making use of the Pro Light System over the previous 12 hours (that’s a full of 10 minutes!)


I can’t wait to view my outcomes in a week or two after using these products. My initial results were method better than I intended.

The commodities are easily accessible at Walmart stores and also you’re in luck!

Grab the exclusive ‘Life through a Side of the Unexpected’ discount code for Luster Products HERE!