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Over 180 Performances Set For

TNC’s 26th Lower East Side Festival Of The Arts

May 28-30, 2021

Artistic output of this fabled area will be on screen again to live audiences, through the emphasis on safety and security.

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THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY HAS REOPENED ITS DOORS TO THE PUBLIC. Performers and organizers of Theater for the New City’s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts. L-R: Daniel Wilkes Kelly, Yako Miamoto, Danielle Aziza , Susan Hemley, Lissa Moira, David Sloan Esq., Rictough West. All staff are vaccinated; seating is socially distanced; masks and temperature checks are compelled and theatergoers have to current either proof of vaccination or negative COVID test results from the last 3-5 days. Pods of seating are easily accessible for audience members who have quarantined together. HVAC devices have actually brand-new air filtration systems. Picture by Jonathan Slaff.

NEW YORK — Theater for the New City‘s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, which had to be presented virtually last year, returns May 28-30, 2021 as an indoor and also outdoor live audience occasion through an emphasis on safety and security. Extra prewarns have actually been presented for the safety of the festival’s audiences and also the cohort of theater, dance, performance, music, film, literary and also visual artists who are participating. All events will certainly be presented in and also about Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street). Admission is totally free yet docountries will be gratecompletely accepted.

The occasion started in 1996 as a three-day, indoor and outdoor multi-arts festival intended to show the imaginative explosion of the Lower East Side and the area’s importance to culture and tourism for New York City. It employed 2 theater spaces at TNC plus the block of East Tenth Street in between First and Second Avenues. For the past 25 years, it has actually been arranged by TNC and a coalition of civic, cultural and also business leaders and presented totally free to an average attendance of 4,000. Last year, through the obligatory quarantine led to by Coronavirus, it was installed completely on TNC’s website for online audiences.

This year, the festival is mounted through the template “LES is house again” to celebrate its return to live audiences and the reopening of TNC’s performance facility. Over 180 artists of all techniques will be participating in the three-day occasion. Indoor performances will certainly take phase from 6:00 PM too11:00 PM each day, using 2 of TNC’s four theaters An art present will certainly grace the TNC lobby spaces. From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day, vendors and food sellers, including booths from nearby restaurants, will put up in the closed-off block of East Tenth Street in between First and also 2nd Avenues. An outdoor phase adjoining the theater will certainly sell music and also multi-self-control performances from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM each day and also poetry on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

TNC has always prided itself on being a safe room, and also is zealous to guarantee that everyone will feel secure while percreating and also watching its performances. All the theater’s staff are fully vaccinated and also its HVAC devices have new air filtration systems. Masks and also temperature checks will be required for both performers and also theatergoers, all of whom need to present either proof of vaccination or negative COVID test outcomes from the last 3-5 days for admission. Seating will be socially distanced, employing eincredibly various other seat in every other row. Pods of seating are available for audience members that have actually quarantined together. Hand also sanitizer stations are many and also available at the gateways.

In all performance events, the theater is honoring the policy of Actors Equity Association that members of a show have to be fully vaccinated and also cannot come right into call with unvaccinated performers or crew. Onstage microphones will certainly be sterilized between acts by the running crews.

Special guests appearing will include James Rado (composer of “Hair”), Penny Arcade, Phoebe Legere, Vinie Burrows and Reno. David Amram, Art Lillard, Mister Pablo and also Rob Varcony/Star 69 will head the list of 36 musical acts. Tbelow will certainly more than 25 functions of theater, 30 mixed-performance events and also 11 contemporary dance events. Elalso movies, curated by Eva Dorrepaal, will certainly be screened. A “poetry jam with pclimbed on the side,” curated and held by Lissa Moira, will market readings by 36 literary artists. Tbelow will be assorted cabaret, comedy and also magic acts. Works by 40 visual artists, curated by Caroline Ratliffe, will certainly be displayed in the lobby. Elected officials showing up will incorporate Brad Hoylman (State Senator, 27th District) Friday at 8:15, Harvey Epstein (State Assembly Member, 7fourth District) Friday at 9:00 PM, Carlina Rivera (City Council Member, second District) Saturday at 7:15 PM and also Gonzalo Casals (NYC Commissioner of Cultural Affairs) Sunday at 7:30 PM.

The performers’ roster is still structure as of this writing and also the variety of applicants exceeds any previous year, a testimony to pent-up demand also among local artists for performance methods. A list of participating artists, updated periodically, have the right to be perceived at

Last year, due to the exigencies of quarantine, the entire festival was presented basically. This year, the festival is dedicated to the rerevolve of live audiences, yet in order to sell it to the widest feasible following, selected performances will certainly be live-streamed on the TNC website,


The principle of the festival was occurred by Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director of TNC and also Esther Cartegena (d. 2006), President of Loisaida, Inc., to portray the Lower East Side (LES) as a haven for artists and creative development. The region is a unique multi-ethnic neighborhood via an uncommonly high level of artistic vitality. Large populations via differing languages and also cultures coexist tbelow successfully and a huge artistic populace helps glue the area together. Its theaters are additionally an unprecedented source of tourism. Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Buried Child,” was commissioned and also first produced by TNC. The committee envisioned an event that would show the region’s cultural fervor, its large artistic populace and also its multiplicity of ethnic impacts to contradict the neighborhood’s stereoform as a dangerous refuge for drug dealers and also criminal activity.

The initially festival, presented June 14 to 16, 1996, featured over 100 attractions, drew favorable press and attracted crowds from all roughly the City. Its success motivated TNC to continue the festival as an yearly event.

Disciplines presented have actually constantly included theater, music, dance, poetry, puppeattempt, cabaret, visual art, film and also children’s programming. With the must rely on vaccination and experimentation in order to preserve the theater as a “safe area,” it was made a decision to forego children’s audiences this year.

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Festival Director Crystal Field. Assistant Directors Katharine Dreves, Milton Tran, Devorah Shubowitz, J.C. Augustin and Anika Prager. Emcees of the 2021 Festival are: Crystal Field, Robert Gonzales Jr., Melanie Goodreaux, Susan Hemley, Alberto Minero, David Slone Esq., John David West and also Eva Dorrepaal. 

The LES Festival is produced and organized by The LES Committee: David Aronkid, Alex Bartenieff, Briana Bartenieff, Roy Chang, Walter Corwin, Eva Dorrepaal, Myrna Duarte, Carol Dudgeon, Crystal Field, Matthew Fitzgerald, Andrea Fulton, Robert Gonzales Jr., Melanie Maria Goodreaux, Robert Greer, Susan Hemley, Barbara Kahn, Dan Kelley, Anne Lucas, Donna Mejia, Lissa Moira, Stephan Morrow, Brian Park, Emily Pezzella, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Liana Rosario, Ramiro Sandoval, Ed Shea, Jonathan Slaff, David F. Slone, Esq., Claude Solnik, Mackenzie Surbey, Mary Tierney, Jenne Vath, Jimmy Walker, Jonathan Weber, Ricdifficult Weber, Peter Welch, John David West and Ricdifficult West. Press Representative is Jonathan Slaff.