Today, we wrap up this seachild of Love & Hip Hop: Hollyhardwood (and also Adjacent Los Angeles County Neighbors). What a journey we have been on! We’ve gone via whatever and also nothing at the exact same time, and isn’t that the paradox of life?

We begin component 2 of the reunion through Teairra Marí coming confront to confront with Akbar and also his cronies, Not Sade and Alejandra, for the first time since the revenge porn scandal broke on tv. Unsurprisingly, their argument goes nowright here quick, because no one deserve to agree on the fact. On one beige polyester couch, Akbar clintends that he took Teairra in because he wanted to solve a broken womale. But the more he spins his internet of lies, the clearer it becomes that he preyed on a breakable Teairra Marí when she was fresh out of rehab. There’s not an ounce of me that ever believed Akbar had good intentions. Many might be be deceived by his light eyes and bappropriate smile, but this guy reads as a textbook manipulator to me.

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So as soon as Not Sade and Alejandra pledge their allegiance to this man they insurance claim has actually adjusted their lives for the better, I just feel sad. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, however from a viewer’s vantage, he’s got these women via independent thoughts and feelings and experiences suggesting over him on national television. That doesn’t sound favor a good life. And their little bit arrangement gets also worse as soon as Alejandra openly says that she’ll gladly go to jail for Akbar over the revenge porn case. I’m not certain what this male has to market her, however it’s certainly not worth going to priboy for. I simply hope these women uncover themselves prior to he robs them of their ideal years.

But largely I feel bad for Teairra Marí, who is forced by manufacturing to challenge her abuser for viewers’ entertainment. She should watch the guy who allegedly leaked intimate videos of her play the victim in a story in which he’s clearly the antagonist. Teairra Marí’s character was defamous via their assertions that she leaked the revenge porn, that she kbrand-new Akbar was polyamorous, and also that she necessary Akbar for her success. But worst of all, Teairra Marí (and any type of victims of revenge porn in the audience) see that Akbar’s punishment for her yearlengthy torture is a platcreate on one of cable’s the majority of well-known truth shows. I think that is the worst point to come out of any type of Love & Hip Hop reunion.

At some point the conversation between Teairra Marí and also the 3 stooges ends once she storms offphase, overwhelmed by the blatant lies they scream while staring her directly in the eyes. Backphase, she needs that the producers pick her or them, because she will not sit through this abuse for a second longer. The producers select their star, and just like that, Akbar is gone. What a fertile, useless conversation.

Next, we go to a brief exadjust between K. Michelle and Teairra. Kimberly apologizes to Teairra for meeting via Akbar, saying, “You’re from Detroit, I’m from Memphis. I recognize we fight.” If you’re not from either of those areas, you might be wondering what in the world she implies. Kimberly’s point is that she doesn’t want tbelow to be anxiety in between her and also Teairra. For some factor, Kimberly initiates this conversation in the comfort of the green room. I’m guessing she’s transforming wigs, yet who have the right to really be certain. This is an odd conversation through a real apology.

Then we go to my favorite telenovela star, Brooke Valentine, and also her many kind of storylines. She has actually done so a lot this season. We begin with Brooke outing Nikki for maybe having actually sex through Solo Lucci, and I’m stuck wondering how old we are. The cast arguing about that has had sex through who is so juvenile, I can’t even imagine being captured up in this conversation. Ultimately, we’ll never recognize whether Solo and Nikki had sex, which is excellent, because I don’t care!

Next in the chronicles of Brooke Valentine is her texting scandal with Amber Diamond. In this dialogue, we learn that Amber and also Marcus dated before Brooke yet inevitably determined to go their separate means. Shun Love expresses that the genuine reason she swiped her daughter’s wig to hit Bridget is because she wanted to attack Ms. Kelly without actually hurting her. Shun says she would’ve thrown her shoe yet she’s also old to bend down conveniently. This is not a enough explanation for why Shun embarrassed her boy, but we need to accept it because everyone is yelling and also I’m acquiring a migraine.

Lastly, the actors talks around Marcus and Boobie’s manufactured rivalry for Brooke’s attention. From this discussion we learn that Brooke was formerly part of an Akbar-esque harem and also that’s why she’s open up to Marcus’s stepping exterior of their relationship. I don’t recognize exactly how to make heads or tails of their dynamic. Throughout the seachild, I thought that they would certainly inevitably break up. But on the reunion, it seems like they have actually a stronger bond than the cameras led us to think.

K. Michelle and Paris ultimately hash out their feud over UberGate. Well, actually, K. Michelle screams that Paris is a thief using Twitter till she exhausts herself and walks onphase. This discussion isn’t a conversation, it’s a one-sided shouting match. (It’s worth commfinishing Kimberly right here for having actually an astoundingly loud voice.) But we learn somepoint new: K. Michelle will certainly be pushing charges against Paris for throwing a drink at her bereason Kimberly is exhausted of being aboffered by her former ideal friend. I’m not sure exactly how these 2 went from BFF-ship to beef however I hope they rectify this, for Paris’s sake. After K. Michelle has her 3rd (third!) temper tantrum of the evening and also walks offphase, Paris shares that she has been trying to pay Kimberly earlier for a debt for years, but Kimberly has refsupplied. I love that also though Paris is onphase by herself, tbelow is still a protection guard in between her and the hold, Nina Parker. The producers have actually such little bit belief in any kind of of the cast members to act prefer adults that they have babysitters current at all times.

Our following conversation is in between Moniece and Princess. Moniece apologizes for having actually tried to throw a chair at Princess while she was pregnant, and also for not having actually had actually any regard for an unborn life. Princess apologizes for insulting Moniece’s mothering abilities. This minute is brief and real. The wild component is that as soon as Moniece and also Princess acquire up to hug each other and also lastly work out their differences, the security guards go berserk attempting to restrain them from embracing. Apparently, they have actually no tactical strategy for apologies because they occur so rarely on this show. Instead, Moniece hregarding scream, “We’re nice!” to indicate that security have to stand down.

Kimberly perdevelops a forgettable song on the main stage. While the performance itself is tepid, it serves as a reminder to the rest of the LHHH actors that K. Michelle is optimal billing. It’s the ultimate power relocate for any type of fact star on this present.

Lastly, we check out an expletive-filled montage of the funny moments from throughout the seachild. It’s not precisely comedic, yet it does serve the task of reminding us that this seachild happened.

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And through that, we wrap this seakid of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. But prior to Nina Parker graces us through her closing statement, she gets in her last few penetrating inquiries. She asks Teairra Marí what single looks choose, to which Teairra responds, “Glowing, gloating, and also expensive.” I’m not sure what that implies but it sounds awful … Nina asks Apple Watts if she’s going to twerk over the cshedding credits, which Apple provides as an chance to promote her shoe line(?). I’m not certain who Apple’s audience is, but I support her in any kind of service endeavors that will certainly gain her ameans from Shun Love. Then Nina asks what is going on in Bridacquire Kelly’s love life, and also Miss Kelly responds by flashing Safaree’s custom ring. Apparently they are dating. I’m sure that will last about as long as the following seakid of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.