The Voice of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop," Travis McClung, released 2 singles entitled “Losing You” and also “Cloud 9,” to iTunes and multiple distribution outallows.

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Travis McClung "Cloud 9"

New York, NY ( December 22, 2014

Pop/heart singer and songwriter, Travis McClung, has end up being the official artist of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” VH1 template song. Having released two singles entitled “Losing You” and “Cloud 9” to iTunes and multiple circulation outlets, Travis is a fresh challenge in the music industry and has actually stacked significant success in a short duration of time. He’s operated through the finest of the finest in manufacturing and also it mirrors in the substantial support result of his single release. The roster of music producers to day of whom Travis has operated through include: Rick Steel, who has actually produced for Ja Rule, Ashanti, French Montana, Miley Cyrus, and also Robin Thicke. Travis has also worked through Nasri Atweh, that is the lead singer for the band also MAGIC!. Nasri likewise has credits such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, Kris Allen, New Kids on the Block, and Cody Simpson. Blickie Blaze is Travis’ producer for “Losing You.” Blaze’s credits consist of 50 Cent, Joe Budden, Chinx, and also French Montana. Travis McClung’s collaborations incorporate Yonatan Watts, a well-respected and also highly talented more recent producer on Travis’ “Cloud 9” single, and also Omales, a Grammy Award Winner for Ludacris' "Release Therapy," Drake, Lil Wayne, Usher, and also Beyoncé.

Many newly, Travis McClung just completed a national tour via over 20 performances throughout the US. Travis percreated as an opening act for Universal Republic’s Brit pop/heart artist, Daley. This nationwide tour was an unplugged, compilation for every one of the artists that participated. Travis had 20 days featuring simply his keyboardist and also himself. Travis did not make use of overdub or vocal results for his performance—solely his voice and the keys. Gaining national acknowledgment and sincere respect, Travis’ fan base is on the continuous increase. Rumor has actually it that fans are calling Travis “the brand-new young pop variation of Robin Thicke.” Shining with true talent, McClung never forgets to offer earlier. Throughout his last nationwide tour, he mentored students across the nation. Sharing encouraging words of wisdom and also hard job-related with positive inspiration, Travis has actually perdeveloped in over 750 institutions with the” Over Achievers School Tour.” Daley is among many on the list of headliners Travis has performed through, in enhancement to significant names such as Prince, Tyrese and Melody Thorton.

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Travis McClung’s new single, “Losing You,” is a sultry-pop, soul document with a bittersweet, romantic backstory around a budding artist. The song addresses a personal love interest, which sadly ended for him, and the hearts that had to relocate on as they were meant to be. “Cloud 9” demonstrates flexibility to Travis’ young vocal artistry at heart, expressing his passion and also excitement geared towards the future. With two new warm tracks in circulation for Travis McClung, be on the lookout in January 2015 for his music video premiere release.