During the a lot of dramatic or emotional scenes of Love and also Hip Hop Atlanta there’s a song that serves as the soundtrack certain to that instance. Joseline’s pregnancy test debacle was matched with Trey Songz’s “Heart Attack.” Mimi drove over Stevie J’s boxed clothing to Labyrinth’s “Earthquake.” Not just are the songs perfect for what’s going on in each scene, the featured tracks have additionally put viewers on to artists they may not have been acquainted via. We can’t count the variety of “Love and also Hip Hop Atlanta carried me here” comments on the YouTube videos of the songs featured. For your listening pleasure we’ve compiled a list of all the songs featured in seaboy one of LHHATL ideal here in one area. Thank us later on.

“Party Life”– Jenny Bapst

Before the drama damaged out K.Michelle just wanted to party with her girls. Before that was rudely interrupted you heard an upbeat techno dance tune. It’s catchy and also suitable for a dance club where girls walk about via glow sticks.

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“Heart Attack”— Trey Songz

You might remember this song playing throughout among the many talked around moments in reality TV. Joseline finding out she was pregnant by Stevie J nearly provided us a heart assault. Fitting song.

“So Hard To Breathe” – B.o.B

Joseline essential a shoulder to cry on around her unexpected pregnancy.


“Maybe” – Emeli Sande

Erica transforms up the romance via some lingerie and also candles for Scrappy. Emeli’s sultry voice can gain simply around anybody in the mood.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Sexify” – Leah Labelle

Scrappy and also Shay fooled no one via their just friends little bit. Leah Labelle’s “Sexify” got it ideal bereason sexing was all that was going on in between these BFFs.

“Sfinish Me An Angel” – Mona Lisa

The soundtrack to Mimi’s partnership woes while venting to Ariane is “Send Me an Angel” by Mona Lisa. That’s exactly what she requirements seeing as just how much from that Stevie J is.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Earthquake” Labyrinth feat. Busta Rhymes

Mimi boxed up Stevie’s belongings and rolled over them via her truck. An “Earthquake” song featuring the rambunctious Busta Rhymes is quite suitable.

“Bitter” – Midian

Mimi’s done via Stevie J. And Midian is someone who knows all around a damaged heart.

“Lazy Love” – Ne-Yo

Romance is in the air between Karlie Redd and Benzino.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Freak Like Me” – Santigold

K.Michelle’s mouth knows no filters, not even on the initially date. No explanation necessary for “Freak Like Me” being an obvious alternative.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Whistle” by Flo Rida

“Whistle while you twerk.” Ooops. Wrong song. Sorry Flo Rida, however that’s what we instantly believed of in the time of this pool scene with Shay and Scrappy.

“Bad Girl” – Jenny Bapst

Now that Benzino set up a photo shoot for Karlie Redd, proving he wasn’t irrelevant, she’s happy aget.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“How Deep Is Your Love” – Sean Paul feat. Kelly Rowland

Benzino drops that cash for Karlie’s engagement ring. His love didn’t run also deep though considering he broke up via her prior to proposing.

“Teach Me How To Be Loved” – Rebecca Ferguson

Mimi scatters the ashes of her mommy on the lake bringing some closure to her life. Rebecca Ferguson’s voice soothes the soul.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Til I Can’t Go” – Troy Noka

Karlie and Joseline play nice via a small rock climbing.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Refill” – Elle Varner

Can I obtain a refill? Rasheeda and Kirk are obtaining a refill on their love by renewing their vows.

“Looking At Me” – KOF

Karlie Redd fell ideal into Roscoe Dash’s lap after her breakup via Benzino. “Looking At Me” is that ’Hey, I’m crushing on you’ song.
Embedded from www.youtube.com.“Live Like A Warrior” – Matisyahu

Some chapters have been closed, some new doors have been opened up.

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