It was at that minute Love and also Basketball prospered in a complete court push on my heart. With my defenses down, I fell in love with this movie. Only a senior in high school…I associated via this scene, her braexceptionally and emovement forever before ingrained in my memory. Acting aside, tbelow is element that makes this scene all that it is: the song. Me’shell Ndegeocello’s “You Made A Fool Of Me” plays in the background as Quincy and also Monica go head to head for his the majority of useful possession. While “Love and Basketball” has actually a happy ending, the song…not so much so. Although void of a cheerful conclusion, “You Made A Fool Of Me” is 3 minutes of unbridled emotion…hence the factor why I think it’s a terrific song.

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“You Made A Fool Of Me” is practically stripped of instruments. The percussion the pulsing heart of the song. The strings section…those strings maintaining her attached to this guy who doesn’t want her. Those resistant strings that refuse to be severed. The piano, a mere memory of him. His touch. His breath. His scent. All that is him.

The lyrics are void of pride and sensibility. Naked. Vulnerable. Exposed. The just body organ required, being the heart. Her feelings for this man keeping her alive even more than the pulsating muscle that’s tucked ameans in location of her body that’s oppowebsite of ideal. Yes. It’s that serious.

There’s nopoint to lose. It’s currently or never before. She deals with the raw, ugly fact that “I permitted you to make me feel….I feel so dumb…you so quickly set me aside”. In fact, there’s no opportunity she’ll once this game. But she has to try. Just a couple of secs deserve to make a distinction in between a victory and a shed. She looks right into his eyes, instruments of time showing the fleeting minute between them. In desperation, she throws up a 3 pointer: “I want to kiss you. Does she desire you via the pain that I do?”

This has to be the winning swarm. He’ll get “it”. And every little thing will be okay. Due to the fact that no various other woguy have the right to maybe feel for him the way that she does. No various other womale will certainly fight for him the way that she is at this minute. Naked. Vulnerable. Exposed. In combat for his the majority of practical possession.


Her shot is rejected by life’s double rim, known as fate. His response: “Don’t touch me. You can’t touch me anyeven more.” A buzzing noise rings in her ears as his eyes confirms that time is up. No second possibilities. Double or nopoint is not an choice.

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Video Game Over.

I remember when you filled my heart through joyWas I blind to the truth, just tbelow to fill the spaceCausage currently, you have no interest in anything that I have to sayI permitted you to make me feel….(talk)I feel so dumbWhat kind of fool am I?You so quickly set me aside

Chorus:You made a fool of meTell me whyYou say that you don’t treatment, but we made loveTell me whyYou made a fool of me, you made a fool of me

I desire to kiss youDoes she want you through the pain that I doI smell you in my dreamsNow as soon as we’re challenge to faceYou won’t look me in the eyeNo time, no friendship, no loveYou say don’t touch you, I can’t touch you no moreCan’t touch you anyeven more, anymore

Chorus ending:You made a fool of meTell me whyYou say that you don’t care however we made loveTell me whyYou made a fool of meTell me whyTell me whyYou made a fool of meTell me why(Talks) tell me why