I am glad I didn’t provide up and also now have the devices required to keep my brand-new lifestyle

5.0 stars -Written onNovember 9, 2021


by D.B.

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Thank you Houston Weight Loss & Low T for helping me

5.0 stars -Written onJune 14, 2021

Tbelow are so many type of emotions that I can’t describe them all. We all have to learn to ask for assist, thank God I lastly did! On my initially visit, I listened and also took to heart everything I was told and also bereason I adhered to their instructions my life will never before be the very same. The biggest two lessons I learned were: 1. To really shed weight, you need to diet and also exercise together. 2. Once you’ve shed the weight, you have to proceed to exercise and also not eat past your day-to-day allowable calories if you don’t exercise. Believe it or not, I walked to lose practically all of my weight… it was so simple as lengthy as I walked. I did all the exercise they told me to execute, yet by the 6 th week into the plan I wanted to do even more because I had actually simply shed 26 lbs. O…M…G! I cried, I was so happy! The joy was overwhelming, and even my husband’s co-workers we stunned as soon as they saw me 31/2 months into this journey! The the majority of memorable comment was, “Lisa! What happened to the various other half of you?!?” (I was 175 lbs once this happened). I with this suffer for everyone! The many I lost, the more identified I wregarding proceed t follow the setup. It was self-reinforcing. Before Houston Weight Loss & Low T, I practically provided up. I am forever changed because of their guidance and also I am grateful past words. My life is on a whole new trajectory and also anyone deserve to do this, anyone…. Even in this age of COVID. Thank you Houston Weight Loss & Low T for helping me and thank god I finally asked! Best Regards to Everyone, Lisa Handal

by Lisa Handal

Changed my life.

5.0 stars -Written onFebruary 10, 2021

I began my weight loss journey in June 2020 at 163 lbs. I took the prescribed supplements and also did daily exercises one hour a day, mostly walking and light weights, 10K steps a day. In addition I ate healthy and balanced meals as per the meal plans offered. All combined efforts I shed 23 lbs, reached my BMI of 24.4 by October and also slimmed down. Losing the additional weight, I am able to move around much better, even more versatile, stopped snoring and also my blood push went back to normal. I feel excellent, I look much better, my clothes fit better. Went from dimension 10 to size 6.

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Best thing I have done for myself and also self esteem / health. Cost thousands much less than liposuction