I recognize Kurt Cobain hated world analysing his lyrics and also all that, and tbelow aren't always deep interpretations and also the remainder of it, however...

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Is it intended to be sarcastic or nihilistic or nonsensical or what? What does it mean?

I think I understand the rest of the song mainly, but it's just I feel he was making a point through that line and it's really, really disturbing me because I don't understand also.


i’m sure some people would certainly just say that it rhymes and sounds great but the reality that he might even think of a lyric prefer that is very disturbing. dave shelp in an intercheck out one time he can’t listen to in utero the exact same means anyeven more because kurt’s darkness and depression is everywhere it; it was nearly like foreshadowing. civilization speculate he created “i must have known” around kurt or at least through kurt in mind bereason obviously to human being now that have the right to watch eextremely intersee, read the journals, etc. and learn every little thing around kurt’s life, it becomes so clear just how manic depressive and suicidal he constantly was. incredibly sad.

Like last exercise session via Pat after that intervention they jammed Should I remain, or Should I go. That have the right to be viewed with knowledge we have no prefer super dark humor or ask for help

I always construed it as the “bright side” IS suicide, like best case scenario is you obtain a straightforward out. Who knows what kurt was reasoning though. Probably somepoint a lot much more profound

It's pretty damn nonsensical. I would certainly hate to speculate around the lyrics as it's what Kurt wouldn't have wanted us to carry out, yet if the song isn't as nonsensical as one would think, it sounds more prefer the song hregarding perform through Nirvana being milked by their label and also the music industry. Kurt had actually shelp many times (many notoriously, to Alice Wheeler), "I am the cash cow".

As for the "look on the bappropriate side, suicide" lyric, it can describe the idea that Nirvana have the right to "commit suicide" with their band by breaking up in the middle of a high note.

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How else to describe the notion that no outcome in your life is positive or worth functioning in the direction of. There is nihilism, hopelessness and also self-doubt, and plea all in one phrase. The totality verse is really essential to contextualize the definition, yet LOOK ON THE BRIGHTSIDE, SUICIDE is on its very own a statement of hopelessness and also premeditated failure.