Logan: What Happened to the Mutants? Why are all the mutants gone in the upcoming Logan movie? We check out what happened to them, and exactly how the civilization has actually adjusted in this future.

Logan Final Trailer - Wolverine through X-Men comic
Logan has got to be among the most anticipated movies of 2017, and fans are seriously looking forward to a Wolverine flick that allows the character to finally obtain his claws bloody. This violent solo outing for our favorite feral mutant is much even more than simply an additional X-Men movie, however. Logan will certainly be the final film for Hugh Jackguy as Wolverine; will be introducing X-23 (who might take over the Wolverine title for future films); and will be acting as a test to watch if R-rated comic movies really are the means forward for Fox, or if the huge success of Deadpool was a one-off. In addition to all of that, fans are wondering if the film might additionally be introducing yet one more timeline to the X-Men universe, as they wonder what has occurred to the other mutants.

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We recognize that while Logan and Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart) are still alive and also kicking (simply around, anyway), they and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) show up to be among the few mutants left on Earth. An picture posted by Jackman ago in October mirrors a bathroom stall through the words "Wbelow are all the mutants" scrawled right into the paint, and also the Logan trailers and also TV spots have actually presented us a human being wbelow mutanttype is all but wiped out. X-23 (Dafne Keen) is being hunted, and also is a "new mutant" - suggesting this is somepoint rare and also valuable - and also none of the other stars of the X-Men cinematic universe are going to be appearing in the film. There is no doubt that the mutants are mostly gone in the human being of Logan, however where did they go?

Old Man Logan Dead X-Men
The mutants are additionally missing in the comic series that influenced this film, Wolverine: Old Man Logan. In the books, not even Charles Xavier or X-23 are current, and Wolverine is the last of the mutants, hiding out till an additional superhero involves ask for help. Over the course of the story, we learn that the villains of the world banded together to get over the heroes, and the dsytopian setting is an outcome of their dominance. We additionally learn that tragically, it was Wolverine who had actually a hand in producing this civilization, although he didn"t intend to.


Old Man Logan!>


When the supervillains took over, they pertained to the X-Mansion and discovered Wolverine there. Wolverine leapt into activity to conserve the kids at the school, believing that he was attacking the villains as they poured right into the mansion. It was only at the end, when he had actually controlled to kill dozens of opponents, that his vision cleared and also he learned the reality. The only supervillain that came to the mansion that night was Mysterio, that offered his powers to make Wolverine think that he was battling the others. Instead, he was fighting his friends. Mysterio supplied Wolverine to take out the whole X-Men roster, knowing that they would certainly hesitate to kill him, and that the villains couldn"t take them all on. Logan looks about at the corpses of his teammates strewn approximately the room, and swears that his Wolverine persona is dead, and also he will certainly never before use his powers aobtain.

Logan - Ricdifficult E. Grant as Dr. Rice
It"s definitely feasible that Wolverine was tricked right into slaughtering the X-Men in Logan, and also it would certainly suit the gritty, violent style of the film. This would certainly additionally explain why Wolverine does not want to be affiliated through a brand-new mutant or with Charles Xavier, and why he feels that he would certainly be better off alone. However, it"s not the only opportunity, and there are enough various other distinctions in between the comic and also the movie to make us wonder what else can have actually taken place.

One option centers on the villain of the film: Dr Zander Rice (Ricdifficult E Grant) and Transigen. Transigen is a task run by the Essex Corporation, a classic evil-scientist-style procedure that has been trying out on mutants. We have currently had a glimpse of the Essex Corporation"s reach in X-Men: Apocalypse, as soon as mutant blood samples from the Weapon X task were put in an Essex briefinstance, yet it looks like we"re going to really delve right into the Essex plans for mutantsort in Logan. Dr Rice is responsible for the development of X-23 in the comics, and it"s most likely that he"s been doing plenty more trial and error on mutanttype in this cosmos too - could Transigen be responsible for the decimation of the mutants? Fans have actually speculated methods that a science-driven organization can have actually substantially slowed the birthprice of mutants, including the usage of viruses or the easy kidnapping of existing mutants for experimentation. Of course, Transigen may instead be attempting to produce more mutants, not wipe them out, while somepoint else is responsible for the mutant extinction.

Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past
Anvarious other opportunity is linked to the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. In this installment in the X-Men franchise, Wolverine traveled back in time from a horrifying 2023 wright here Sentinels were wiping out mutantsort, intending to sheight the events that resulted in the production of the mutant-killing robots. He flourished, albeit not rather as he planned, and also the film ends with Wolverine returning to a world wbelow the X-Men are happy at Xavier"s institution, and wright here the occasions of all the previous films (via the exemption of X-Men: First Class) have been wiped from the timeline. Set in 2024, Logan presents a different dystopian future, wright here something various other than Sentinals has been killing off mutants - and some wonder if this could be explained by the timeline attempting to "correct" itself.

This is a continuous occurrence in time travel movies (and also TV series, and also books, and also comics...). The idea is that although a character tries to readjust the future, the future wants to take place the way it originally did, and also somepoint else will happen to carry about that original future. So in this situation, Logan stopped the creation of the Sentinels, however something else has actually taken place to offset that readjust and find one more means to create a 2024 wright here mutantsort has died out. The heart of this idea is that it"s not really feasible to adjust the future - that things will happen the way that they are "supposed" to, and tright here isn"t really anypoint that deserve to be done around it. This is, however, a slightly complex explacountry that would certainly continue to press the most confusing component of the franchise (timeline weirdness) front and facility. Fans are already unsure of exactly how Deadpool fits in with the existing timelines, or how the last scenes of Days of Future Past will play right into the events of upcoming X-Men movies.

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Logan Final Trailer - Wolverine in pain
The last most likely explacountry for the lack of mutants is the different truth theory. In the comics, Old Man Logan takes location in an alternative universe - a wonderful device offered to enable comic authors to check out dystopian people outside of the core world. The character of Old Man Logan has actually also recently crossed over into the major Marvel world (via the brand-new "Old Man Logan" title for All New, All Different Marvel). If the movies wanted to mimic the comics, it would be perfectly feasible for Logan to exist in an alternative future, and for X-23 to join the main X-Men universe at a later on date by jumping from cosmos to world. It"s easier in many type of means, and doesn"t develop even more timeline confusion. This would also collection a criterion that would certainly allow Fox to make other "different reality" movies, which can definitely be a bonus for the studio.

All of these choices are, of course, simply speculation at the moment. All we know is that the mutants are gone, and also any of these can be reveacaused be the reason why. Whether Logan killed them, they have been experimented to extinction, the timeline itself has actually eliminated them, or they are in an alternative, mutant-less cosmos, the "why" isn"t going to be central to the film. Instead, it"s the character of Logan and his connection with X-23 that is going to carry the narrative, with the loss of the X-Men helping that alengthy. At leastern - that"s what we are hoping to view. As exciting as timelines can be, Deadpool did well because it ignored the larger cinematic cosmos in favor of making a movie that stood entirely on its own. Logan would carry out well to follow suit, offering us through backstory that helps drive the narrative of this one story, fairly than the narrative of the entire franchise. After all, as lengthy as Logan himself is as good as we"re hoping, does it really issue wright here the other mutants have gone?

We"ve just gained a couple of weeks to go before we uncover out what happened, but what do you think? Have the mutants been murdered by Logan, by the Essex Corporation, by the timeline itself, or is something else going on? Comment and let us know!

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