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The Big Apple: Abbr. crossword clueStiff or unyielding crossword clueDiscount occasion in retail crossword clueEnd of the year-month for short crossword clueActress Fox or soccer star Rapinoe crossword clueFruity toast topping crossword clueIce skating jump (anagram of axle) crossword clueFlower with a pad crossword clueTip holder crossword clueWhat the Planet transforms on crossword clueKeebler cookie figure crossword clueU.K. army arm: Abbr. crossword clueChatterbox"s gift crossword clueUsed a barcalounger crossword clue___ Dae-Jung ex-professor at Harvard and former President of South Korea who received the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize crossword clueLoaded prefer a cocoa cake crossword clueA dog might bury one crossword clueSwiss army ___ crossword clueCitrus-flavored instant drink crossword clueCanon"s competitor crossword clueTorah teacher crossword clueClickable photos on a desktop crossword clueService charge crossword clueStar Wars heroine crossword clue___ Lock (lapheight key) crossword clueBoyfriend crossword clueI"m speechless! crossword clueThat in Spain crossword clue___-see mirror crossword clueActress Patricia ___ of Hud crossword clueAl ___ Harvard alum and also 45th UNITED STATE vice-president who was a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize crossword clue___ Bunche Harvard alum and political scientist that got the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize crossword clueLarge tourist carry crossword clueDunkable cookie crossword clueLittle mischief equipments crossword clueKing with a golden touch crossword clueRole in a play crossword clueMichael Caine"s title crossword clueGet out of bed crossword clueTranscendentalist poet Emerson"s middle name crossword clueYou ___ what you eat crossword cluePalette selection crossword clueSoul sister say: Abbr. crossword clueFingers-on-shoulder sort of touch crossword cluePing-pong partition crossword clueI"ve watched better crossword clueOpening night extravaganza crossword clueOne-kind connector: 2 wds.

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crossword clueHenry ___ Harvard alum and also previous UNITED STATE Secretary of State that received the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize crossword clueCompany type of name-ender sometimes: Abbr. crossword clue
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