Lift up those hands that hang down, says the Lord. I Am not the author of depression. I Am not the giver of defeat! I Am the creator of GOOD points, and I Am your God! Even as My servant Moses stood upon the Mountain of God and also increased up His arms toward Me, the kids of Israel dominated in battle. But once He ended up being weary, and his hands slumped to his side, the opponent had actually the advantage. Do not come to be weary and perform not provide area to the enemy! It is his negative thoughts that discourage you. I did not voice them! My voice is that of belief and also undeniable victory, states the Lord. I Am not a loser, and also you cannot be either, because I Am via you to secure you continually. Lift up those weary hands towards Me and also procase that I Am your infallible God! Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and also the feeble knees; And make directly paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; however let it fairly be healed. I will certainly inhabit your praise, and as soon as I inhalittle your praise, I inhalittle your life and also instances, states the Lord. I will cause certain, unimpeachable victory upon victory. Yes, lift up your hefty hands in surrender to My Lordship of your life, for when you do, I will certainly defend you. I will certainly save you. I will safeguard you. I will certainly carry out for you! I will preserve you! Acknowledge Me as your God that is on your side, for the opponent doesn’t have a opportunity. I Am the undefeatable One! Will you worship Me as the Almighty, all-discovering God in the middle of you? Will you entrust your life and also destiny to Me? Will you believe as soon as you cannot see? I Am via you today to give you My unspeakable joy as you surrender yourself to Me in praise and worship. I will certainly reason your heart to sing as you enter right into My visibility where tright here is fullness of joy….unspeakable joy and think that I Am the undisputed victor and have made you a mighty conqueror and overcomer in Me, states the Lord.

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Prophet Dr.

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June Sheltrown is the Senior pastor of Prophetic Light International, Holy bible School and Christian Ministries, Inc. located at 36134 Clinton Avenue, Dade City, Florida, for over 30 years.It is not a standard church, yet she does on spot ministry, as led by the Divine Spirit.She is a revivalist, writer, operates in the prophetic gift, Word of Knowledge, has prophetic dreams, visions, and hears the audible voice of the LORD.As an global speaker/revivalist, healing, deliverance, imaginative miracles, signs and wonders, and also impartation of the Holy Spirit baptism are common in her meetings.She is a graduate of Tyndale Theological Seminary, and Central Michigan College.Her desire is that everyone who attends her meetings has a genuine enrespond to via the LORD, and also is forever before adjusted.