If your air conditioner is turning off by itself, your AC might have among the adhering to problems:

Thermostat is faultyAC isn’t getting enough airflowCondensate line is cloggedRefrigerant levels are lowAC is brief cycling

Let’s look at each of these worries in more detail listed below.

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Problem #1: Thermostat is faulty

You deserve to think of the thermostat as the “brain” of your air conditioner. The thermostat sends out signals to your AC device, telling it as soon as to turn on and also off.

Like all types of electric equipment, thermostats can sometimes malfeature. The device itself can be bring about errors or the wiring that connects the thermostat to the AC deserve to develop a brief, bring about the mechanism to shut off as soon as it’s not meant to.

You have to call a skilled to check the thermostat and also relocation any type of faulty wires.

Problem #2: The AC isn’t obtaining enough airflow

To effectively cool your house, your air conditioner requirements to carry in a stable stream of heat air from your residence. If your AC isn’t acquiring sufficient air, components prefer the breduced will certainly work harder to cool your house. At some point, these components can overwarmth and shut dvery own the AC.

One of the biggest restrictors of airflow is a dirty air filter. Since all air that enters your AC hregarding pass through the filter, if the filter is clogged via dirt, air can’t pass through.


Clean (left) vs dirty air filter (right)

Check your air filter to make certain it’s clean. If you watch that the filter is extended in dirt, relocation it via a new one.

Other causes of low aircirculation include:

Blocked vents: Make certain all the vents in your home are open and also unobstructed so air can conveniently enter the rerevolve vents and departure the supply vents.Fan problems: If your breduced fan motor is malfunctioning, then your AC will certainly have actually a difficult time pulling in a sufficient amount of air. A expert will need to inspect the fan and perhaps replace the fan motor if it’s broken.Leaky ducts: You deserve to have actually a professional check your ductwork-related to look for leaks or disassociated ducts.

Problem #3: The condensate line is clogged

Your air conditioner absorbs moisture from your home’s warmth air. This moisture (called condensation) drains out of your house via a pipe so it doesn’t leak right into your home.

Sometimes dirt and debris have the right to enter the condensate pipe and also develop a clog. Instead of draining outside of your residence, this condensation backs up into a drainpipe pan. If the water reaches a details level, it deserve to trigger a switch that will shut off your AC.


Inside access point of the condensate line

You have the right to try to clear the line yourself by going to the air handler (indoor unit) and also locating the condensate line (normally a white PVC pipe). Rerelocate the cap from the T-shaped component of the line and also pour distilled vinegar right into the line. Wait 30 minutes then flush the line via water.

If the clog persists or your AC keeps turning off by itself, call an HVAC skilled for further assistance.

Problem #4: Refrigerant levels are low

Refrigerant is the substance that cools your home’s air. If your AC is low on refrigerant (which suggests there’s a leak somewhere), then the resulting pressure change have the right to trigger a safety and security switch that shuts dvery own a critical part called the compressor.

If your compressor shuts down, your AC will certainly speak cooling your home’s air. The compressor will certainly turn earlier on once the push has returned to safe levels.

That shelp, you’ll must have actually a skilled check for leaks and include refrigerant to your AC, or your AC will keep shutting off by itself.

You might have a refrigerant leak if you alert indications such as:

Hissing sounds coming from your ACWater pooled about the indoor unit (frozen evaporator coil)Loss of cooling powerHigher-than-normal energy bills

Problem #5: The AC is short cycling

Short cycling is when your AC transforms off, then transforms earlier on easily. This “off/on” cycle consistently repeats, which causes significant wear and also tear to your AC mechanism and also provides it hard for your house to reprimary at a comfortable temperature.

Short cycling is brought about by 1 of 2 problems:

The thermostat is installed in a poor location: If your thermostat is located near a window (wbelow direct sunlight have the right to hit it) or under an AC vent, then the thermostat can’t accurately detect the actual temperature of the room. A professional will certainly have to resituate the thermostat if this is the situation.

If you freshly installed your thermostat or AC system, short cycling may be what’s leading to your device to shut off by itself. Contact the HVAC contractor who set up your device to make certain the air conditioner was sized properly and also that your thermostat is in the proper area.

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