Columbus reports on his initially voyage, 1493

On August 3, 1492, Columbus collection sail from Spain to uncover an all-water route to Asia. On October 12, even more than 2 months later on, Columbus arrived on an island also in the Bahamas that he called San Salvador; the natives dubbed it Guanahani.

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For practically five months, Columbus explored the Caribbean, particularly the islands of Juana (Cuba) and also Hispaniola (Santo Domingo), before returning to Spain. He left thirty-nine males to develop a settlement called La Navidad in present-day Haiti. He also kidnsoimg.orgped several Native Americans (between ten and also twenty-five) to take earlier to Spain—only eight survived. Columbus lugged earlier small quantities of gold as well as aboriginal birds and plants to present the richness of the continent he believed to be Asia.

When Columbus arrived ago in Spain on March 15, 1493, he instantly wrote a letter announcing his explorations to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who had aided finance his expedition. The letter was created in Spanish and also sent out to Rome, where it was published in Latin by Stephan Plannck. Plannck wrongly left Queen Isabella’s name out of the pamphlet’s introduction but quickly realized his error and also reprinted the pamphlet a couple of days later on. The copy presented here is the second, corrected edition of the pamphlet.

The Latin printing of this letter announced the existence of the Amerihave the right to continent throughout Europe. “I discovered many islands lived in by countless world. I took possession of every one of them for our many fortunate King by making public proclamation and unfurling his standard, no one making any resistance,” Columbus created.

In enhancement to announcing his momentous exploration, Columbus’s letter likewise gives observations of the indigenous people’s culture and lack of wesoimg.orgons, noting that “they are destitute of arms, which are completely unwell-known to them, and for which they are not adsoimg.orgted; not on account of any bodily deformity, for they are well made, yet bereason they are timid and also complete of terror.” Writing that the natives are “fearful and timid ... guileless and also hocolony,” Columbus declares that the land also could conveniently be conquered by Spain, and the natives “could become Christians and also inclined to love our King and Queen and Princes and also all the human being of Spain.”

An English translation of this document is easily accessible.


I have actually identified to create you this letter to inform you of every little thing that has been done and uncovered in this trip of mine.

On the thirty-3rd day after leaving Cadiz I came into the Indian Sea, wbelow I discovered many kind of islands lived in by numerous people. I took possession of all of them for our a lot of fortunate King by making public proclamation and also unfurling his typical, no one making any resistance. The island also called Juana, as well as the others in its area, is exceedingly fertile. It has actually numerous harbors on all sides, exceptionally safe and also wide, above comparison through any type of I have ever before watched. Thunstable it flow many kind of very wide and also health-giving rivers; and tbelow are in it plenty of very lofty hills. All these island also are exceptionally beautiful, and of rather different shsoimg.orges; simple to be traversed, and also complete of the best selection of trees reaching to the stars....

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In the island, which I have actually shelp prior to was called Hispana, tbelow are exceptionally lofty and also beautiful mountains, good ranches, groves and areas, the majority of fertile both for cultivation and also for pasturage, and well adjusted for creating structures. The convenience of the harbors in this island also, and the excellence of the rivers, in volume and salubrity, surpass human idea, unmuch less on have to view them. In it the trees, pasture-lands and also fruits different a lot from those of Juana. Besides, this Hispana abounds in various kinds of species, gold and also steels. The inhabitants ... are all, as I said before, unoffered with any kind of kind of iron, and they are destitute of arms, which are entirely unwell-known to them, and for which they are not adsoimg.orgted; not on account of any type of bodily deformity, for they are well made, yet bereason they are timid and also complete of terror. ... But when they watch that they are safe, and all fear is banimelted, they are extremely guileless and also hocolony, and incredibly liberal of all they have actually. No one refuses the asker anypoint that he possesses; on the contrary they themselves invite us to ask for it. They manifest the biggest affection towards all of us, exaltering useful things for trifles, content through the extremely least point or nopoint at all. ... I gave them many type of beautiful and pleasing points, which I had brought with me, for no return whatever, in order to win their affection, and also that they could come to be Christians and also inclined to love our King and Queen and also Princes and all the civilization of Spain; and that they can be eager to search for and also gather and also offer to us what they abound in and we considerably require.