Leah Remini, who has been outspoken about the Church of Scientology since she left in 2013, sat dvery own on Friday, Oct. 30, via Dan Harris on ABC’s 20/20 to give an exclusive intersee about her 30 years as a practicing Scientologist — and also why she finally made a decision to leave. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t (all) because of Tom Cruise, though he did show up to play a function.

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While Remini extended many ground, some moments were even more surpincreasing than others. Here are the nine most shocking revelations that concerned light in the time of the hour-lengthy special.

1. Remini’s mother introduced her to Scientology.

Unlike Katie Holmes, that allegedly left husband also Cruise to keep their daughter, Suri, ameans from Scientology, Remini’s mom was the one that acquired her into the religion. After divorcing her husband, Vicki Marshall discovered new meaning in the L. Ron Hubbard-started faith and signed up both her daughters for the Sea Org, which is a group of world that volunteer for the church.

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Though Remini had actually to sign a billion-year contract (Scientologists think in reincarcountry, which enables them to serve aget and also again), she lasted only one year before being kicked out of the team for fraternizing through boys — well, one boy … that happened to be her boyfriend.


Leah Remini opened up up around her break from Scientology. Splash News Online

2. She attributed Scientology through helping her break into acting.

In spite of her failure in the Sea Org, Remini took the teachings of the church to heart and uncovered them to be useful, especially when it concerned her career. “There’s tools that are incredibly, incredibly helpful to you in your life, that are useful to you as an actor,” she explained to Harris. “I walked into a room wbelow some civilization could cower in front of a casting director — I wasn’t.”

3. She went against Scientology teachings and also obtained an epidural during labor.

It wasn’t the first time Remini damaged Scientology’s rules, however it was a far-ranging one she went against. In direct disobedience of the church’s teachings, she opted for medication as soon as providing birth to her kid. “I was going to attempt to perform it for my church, yet when you start feeling a baby coming out of your vagina — if tbelow was a rock, I would certainly have hit myself on the head via it,” she rereferred to as. “So I obtained that epidural as conveniently as feasible.”

4. She was “created up” for telling Cruise and also Holmes to gain a room.

Based on Cruise’s exceptionally significant place in the church, it wasn’t all that shocking to hear that if one was critical of the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back star, it was thought about the very same as “being important of Scientology itself” — however it was surpclimbing to hear how seriously that preeminence is taken.

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Remini recounted exactly how one night, an main from the Church of Scientology referred to as her and also sassist, “Tom wants you to come over and also teach him salsa dancing.” She and also her husband also, Angelo Pagan, obliged, but when they acquired tbelow, they were met by 2 church officials and Cruise, that was everywhere his new girlfriend at the moment, Holmes.

“He was favor, forcibly kissing Kate,” Remini redubbed. “I sassist, ‘Hey, acquire a frickin’ room,’ and also I was composed up for that.”


Tom Cruise attends the grand also opening of Applied Scholastics International new headquarters on July 26, 2003 in St.Louis, Missouri. Applied Scholastics through Getty Images

5. She was instructed to invite Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Cruise and also Holmes’ 2006 wedding.

Knowing that Remini and also her husband also were cshed friends via then-couple Lopez and Anthony, church officials asked the former The Talk host to extend an invitation to the power couple. “The church was really the one that invited them, on Tom’s behalf,” Remini described.

For the record, Remini did ask her friends to go and also they embraced, yet as soon as they all arrived on the lavish, three-day affair, Remini declared the two couples were actively kept ameans from each other, being made to ride in sepaprice cars and also sit at separate tables. For her component, Remini realized that these complaints sounded petty, yet insisted that they were indicative of bigger forces at play. 


Tom Cruise has actually been dubbed one of the world’s a lot of powerful Scientologists. Michael Tran/FilmMagic

6. Cruise sang “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to Holmes after marrying her.

This wasn’t really Scientology-associated, however it was definitely exciting. Remini redubbed Cruise serenading Holmes through “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” in an noticeable throwback to the iconic scene in his 1986 hit film, Top Gun, noting that also at the moment she assumed it was an “interesting” song to sing to one’s bride.

7. After Cruise and Holmes’ wedding, Remini set out on a mission to conserve Scientology. 

Remini told Harris that she thought about TomKat’s nuptials to be a transforming suggest in her partnership through the religion. Amongst other grievances, it wasn’t sitting well via her that the head of the church, David Miscavige, had actually attended the occasion without his wife, Shelly. Remini asked continuously where Shelly was (both at the wedding and in the months after), yet instead of receiving a response, she shelp she got reprimands.

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Ultimately, she filed a wide-ranging knowledge report (a paper explaining grievances for others’ bad behavior) complaining about various church members at the wedding. In specific, she took problem through Cruise and also Miscavige.

8. Holmes (may have) filed a knowledge report against Remini after the wedding.

It appeared, however, that as soon as it involved filing expertise reports, someone beat Remini to it: Katie Holmes. In a letter allegedly composed by Holmes, The Kennedys actress lamented, “I was dismayed at the habits of Leah Remini during the occasions leading up to our wedding and our wedding. The actions as a guest, a friend, was incredibly upestablishing.”


Katie Holmes and also Tom Cruise in June 2005. JOHN D MCHUGH/AFP/Getty Images

As was formerly reported, Holmes has actually not commented on whether she wrote the letter, but did release a statement on Friday, Oct. 30, saying, “I regret having upcollection Leah in the past and wish her just the best later on.”

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9. Still, Remini doesn’t regret her time with the church.

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In spite of every one of this, Remini sees worth in the 3 years she and her instant household members invested as Scientologists. (When Remini damaged from the church, her husband also, mom, and sister adhered to her.)

“I don’t regret what I’ve been via,” she declared to close the intercheck out. “I don’t regret spfinishing my life tright here because it did really teach me a lot and also because we’ve all endured it and we’re living life, it’s like we have actually a gift of a 2nd chance at life.”

Remini’s memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and also Scientology, hits bookshelves Nov. 3.

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