Resee, Ingredients, Swatches: La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye And Lip Perfection A Porter: Best 2-In-1 Eye Cream, Lip Treatment 2014

11 Oct Rewatch, Ingredients, Swatches: La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye And Lip Perfection A Porter: Best 2-In-1 Eye Cream, Lip Treatment 2014


La Prairie is kind of prefer the Hermès of the cosmetics human being — a super high-end brand through gorgeous packaging and prices in the stratosphere.

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The latest Anti-Aging Eye And Lip Perfection A Porter ($150.00) is a two-in-one product that combines an “illuminating, lifting eye cream-gel with a luxurious and also protective lip balm in a solitary compact.”


The sleek, silver compact comes in a classy, white leatherette case; altogether it’s a pretty attrenergetic package. The eye cream clintends to, “hydprice while instantly easing signs of exhaustion, lines, wrinkles and dark circles.”

I offered it several times and while it is affluent and also nicely emollient for that delicate under eye area, I can’t say I saw a difference in regards to fatigue, lines, wrinkles or dark circles.

Eye Cream


The lip treatment claims to, “automatically plump lips while replenishing moisture.” I’d say ‘Yes’ to the last — lips felt soft and also smooth after applying the balm — yet I did not notice any fullness.


Our Managing Editor, Theresa Romano, additionally gained her hands on the Anti-Aging Eye And Lip Perfection A Porter and also had this to say:


“I am obsessed with applying lip balm and eye cream… all day long! I love the truth that I can toss this in my bag and never before have to issue about spillage.

The eye cream-gel has a balmy consistency that leaves eyes exceptionally moisturized and also won’t ruin your makeup. Apply it under the eye location, proceeding over the lid and alengthy the brow bone, as much as eyebrows and also in between brows.

The lip balm isn’t grstraightforward, however leaves behind a slick, semi-gloss shine. And the smell of these 2 — simply divine! It’s sweet and powdery, my favorite. Each compartment has actually its very own mirror, too! With La Prairie‘s Cellular Complex, you’ll likewise be smoothing those fine lines in the procedure.”

Lip Treatment


After placing on eye cream in the morning, I never before feel the must reapply (though La Prairie says it have the right to be provided over makeup.) And while I liked the lip balm, a straightforward pot or tube would carry out too and be much less cumbersome (to me at least).


As for the white situation — utterly darling! Some may uncover it right for travel, and also uncover its practicality to be somewhat luxe. So, even though this combo is as chicly designed as have the right to be, I find its contents to carry out an sufficient task at moisturizing. If you are all about packaging, then this is the product for you.

Do you beauties find this product to be best for your lifestyle? Do you reuse eye and lip creams throughout the day?

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– Yona McDonough

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