"Newsradio" debuted on Tuesday. So did "Pride and also Pleasure." Neither of them can touch that short-lived walking sitcom which additionally premiered that day -- "Kato!"

We can also face as much as the reality -- the son is a natural. Brian "Kato" Kaelin is a sitcom waiting to take place. It"s a freak however weirdly benevolent accident of fate that put him in the lap of the greatest celebrity murder trial of modern times (and, of course, the malevolent and also stubborn barroom hypothesis that he"s somejust how implicated in the crime).

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With his long, unruly hair, shambling walk and doofus surfer"s grin, Kato was born to inspire giggles of impropriety. Tright here he was via Marcia Clark bearing dvery own on him to tell us why -- why? -- he took O. J."s guest home on North Rockingham.

Did he think O. J. can aid his career? Was it someexactly how career-related? Was it a means for Kato to acquire a showbiz career established? (Ms. Clark, and everyone else in the trial, has actually a positive genius for saying the same thing over and also over again in a couple of hundred different ways.)

It brought down the house which, considering it was a court of legislation in a murder trial, isn"t constantly such an excellent idea.

The time-honored expression for men like Kaelin is wise male -- not wiseman (one word) which denotes males via damaged noses, sandpaper voices and also a penchant for feeding their opponents to the squid however wise guy (two words) to signify the kind of fellow that looks at every distressing life moment as an opportunity for a clever before riposte or a ploy to amusage the bleachers. In the constricted tea-party human being that psychiatry has actually given us, we call such behavior "inappropriate" (there is no other word which fairly conveys the complete degree to which modern psychiatry resembles teaching a third grade class). In most instances, it"s worse than that. "Obnoxious" covers it nicely.

Not in Kato Kaelin"s instance, though. Assuming that he is as innocent as he seems and gets out of the instance unscathed by the legislation and also via his ungenuine, skyrocketing celebrity intact, someone is bound to hire him for a sitcom. The kid is a sitcom -- a sweet-natured, clueless yet funny houseguest who"s associated through world so much over his head they nearly have to stoop to pat his unruly hair.

Until some bold netjob-related takes a flyer on "Kato!" (I view Romy Waltall and A. Martinez as his co-stars. Wbelow is Fox once you really require them?), we"ll need to make execute via the usual boring, recurring TV stuff like:

"Pride and also Joy" (9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Channel 2) -- Two couples have actually newborns -- a nicely gooey Yuppie couple and one more with a husband also out of work-related and also a computer-whiz teen-age boy. It"s ersatz-"Mad About You" through babies added. In other words, it"s almost worthmuch less. The only excellent thing in it is that it stars Julie Warner, the a lot of adorable TV actress who isn"t Helen Hunt (and, prefer Hunt, a graduate of Billy Crystal"s movie "Mr. Saturday Night").

"Newsradio" (8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Channel 2) -- Much more like it. They uncovered an enigma on "Hill Street Blues." The means to put a workarea -- any worklocation at all -- on tv is to keep the story moving, to toss the spotlight roughly the set like a hot potato. Two world perform some spritz in one edge of the room. Then 30 secs even more from 3 world in another. Then 25 even more seconds via 2 other world behind a closed door.

Nobody gets also a lot dialogue. Nor does any of the dialogue need to be all that good. As long as you keep whipping it roughly the infield conveniently enough, whatever genuinely great dialogue you have will certainly blur right into the mediocre stuff that comes 10 seconds later.

You can make great TV drama out of this. You deserve to also make a passable sitcom which is, so far, what "Newsradio" is. It has the actors, the quirky personalities, the basic setup (radio, that standard home of the terminally neurotic) and also the inclicountry to whip it approximately the horn until it"s time to acquire somepoint began. At some point, actual amusing dialogue might suddenly appear and they"ll have actually a viable TV display, not a high-velocity mediocrity. In the meantime, the velocity keeps it watchable. Which is more than have the right to be shelp for:

"The George Wendt Show" (8 p.m. Wednesday, Channels 4 and also 9) -- Why does the throw-it-around-the-infield approach work so well? Since it imitates the basic activity of the modern-day TV viewer which is Channel Surfing. McLuhan"s old notion (stolen from Jacques Ellul) is that media are the extensions of man and each new technical advance recreates society, society and also, in fact, civilization themselves. We develop innovation which, consequently, recreates us.

The TV remote has redeveloped tv. Indeed it has actually redeveloped TV viewers, TV commercials and also TV shows.

Courtesy of my blessed remote regulate tool, I endured about salso and a half minutes of "The George Wendt Show" prior to surfing on over to O.J. or a duck documentary on the Discoextremely Channel or some promising slasher sleaze on the USA netoccupational (I forgain which. Forgive me).

What I witnessed had Wendt and his brother as a sitcom variation of the Magliozzi Brothers, the Massachusetts mechanics who carry out the delightful NPR show "Car Talk" via Boston accents so thick you can serve them with a side order of tartar sauce.

The relocate for Wendt after "Cheers" couldn"t have been much easier -- a spinoff referred to as "Norm!" to star America"s favorite beer-swilling fat guy. Placed it on appropriate after "Frasier" and you"d be in company.

"Hope and also Gloria" (8:30 p.m. Thursday, Channel 2). It"s the best of the new sitcoms, not because the composing is specifically excellent or the put up, which sounds choose 240 various other sitcoms simply this year alone (two friends who live across the hall from each other).

The actresses are what"s excellent around this "Kate and Allie" and also "Mary Tyler Moore Show" descendent -- the wonderful Jessica Lundy who appears to have cloned equal parts of Debra Winger and Margaret Colin, and an infectiously ditzy actress called Cynthia Stevenchild who somejust how manperiods to take commuter flights back and also forth to Pluto without completely shedding your respect.

Lundy and Stevenchild are a sitcom. All somebody had to carry out was plug in some words, even some as bad as those on "The George Wendt Sjust how."

The hope is the very same as "Newsradio" -- that someexactly how somewhere the words capture up to the high quality of the actors on the present before the guillotine falls.

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