From dinner via Jon Scurrently to The Mountain's love of sparkling water, below are some exceptionally funny spoofs influenced by the hit fantasy drama.

by Michael d'Estries | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

by Michael d'EstriesWednesday, April 13, 2016

Are you all set for one more thrilling season of "Game of Thrones?" HBO"s hit fantasy drama returns later this month, setting the phase for a entirety new actors of characters, plot lines and surprises.

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Where will the White Walkers strike next? Is a specific favorite character truly dead? And just exactly how will certainly newcomers Ania Bukstein and Yousef Sweid, veterans of the Israeli tv and theater scene, British actor Ian McShane, and also Swaziland also star Ricdifficult E. Grant variable into the drama of Westeros?

Before the lights go dvery own and also the mood grows major via the show"s iconic title sequence, we believed it would certainly be fun to kick off Seaboy 6 via a little bit of hilarity. Amerideserve to actor Peter Dinklage may gain all the laughs on-display screen, yet as these brief clips show, he"s not the just cast member qualified of tickling our funny bone.

Game of Thrones" Melisandre attends Seth Meyers" baby shower

Melisandre, played by Dutch actress Carice van Houten, is a magical priestess on "Video Game of Thrones" that serves the Lord of Light and is always 100% creepy. Naturally, as American comedian Seth Meyers discovers, inviting such a character to your wife"s baby shower isn"t specifically the best of principles.

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SodaStream"s April Fool"s prank via "The Mountain"

SodaStream, an Israeli firm that specializes in house carbocountry drinks, developed this hilarious April Fool"s video via "Game of Thrones" star Hafthór Júlíus "Thor" Björnschild. The Icelandic actor, that plays Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, claims in the spoof commercial that the trick to his strength have the right to be discovered in a sparkling water brand referred to as "Heavy Bubbles."

Ptestimonial of Seachild 6 from "Saturday Night Live"

Of all the menacing creatures featured on "Video Game of Thrones," it"s the dragons under the command of Daenerys Targaryen, played by English actress Emilia Clarke, that repeatedly steal the spotlight. In this rare exclusive, "Saturday Night Live" takes viewers behind the scenes of Seaboy 6 to show how German-based one-of-a-kind results firm Pixomoncarry out really pulls off these magical creatures.

Jon Scurrently is a destructive dinner guest

How does the doom and also gloom of the Night"s Watch fit right into a lively Manhattan dinner party? As it turns out, not well. "Late Night" hold Seth Meyers shows what happens once Jon Scurrently, played by British actor Kit Harrington, attempts to mingle through those unconscious that "winter is coming."

Coldplay"s "Game of Thrones Musical"

One of the the majority of complicated and brilliant "Video Game of Thrones" spoofs came courtesy of British band Coldplay, which put together a "rockumentary" of sorts chronicling the making of a Broadmethod musical version of the series. The fun was all in assistance of Red Nose Day, an annual comedy fundelevating event in the U.K.

Besides Coldplay, tright here are cameos from an excellent chunk of the "Thrones" cast, as well as voiceover work-related by Irish actor Liam Neechild and some really, really, destructive singing. Needmuch less to say, "Video Game of Thrones: The Musical" will certainly not be appearing in our much-vaunted showtunes quiz anytime shortly.

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