Eexceptionally year The Huddle Report grades the height mock drafts and peak 100 boards from analysts about the web. 

Mock drafts are scored by awarding 2 points for eextremely player appropriately matched to a team in the initially round, and one suggest for eexceptionally player correctly put in the initially round. A perfect mock draft would develop a score of 96.

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This year, The Huddle Report graded the mock drafts of 114 entrants. Here are the optimal five:

The Huddle Report Mock Draft Ranmajesties - Top Five 
1. Reginald Brooks - Fantasy Footsphere 1on150
2. Jaboy Boris - Times News50
3. Mike Mayock - NFL Network49
4. Brian Philpot - The Footsphere Hub47
5. Brad Clark - NFL"s Future46

Note: Bleacher Report"s authors did not participate in the The Huddle Report"s grading. Had they gone into, Michael Schottey"s last mock draft would have actually ranked 91st all at once. Matt Miller would certainly have been ranked 10nine in its entirety. 

Top 100 boards are graded strictly based upon the variety of players who are schosen within the peak 100 picks of the draft. Here are this year"s top five:

The Huddle Report Top 100 Ranqueens - Top Five 
1. Bob McGinn - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel87
T-2. Ryan McCrystal - DraftAce85
T-2. Draft Board Guru85
T-2. NFL Draft Scout85
T-5. Draft Board Insider84
T-5. Lance Zierlein - The Sideline View84

Todd McShay isn"t consisted of in the The Huddle Report mock ranmajesties bereason he articles his last mock draft on the morning of the draft, absent the deadline of 1 am ET the night prior to. 

However before, McShay"s last mock draft continuously ranks among the best in the organization as soon as compared to those had in The Huddle Report"s ranmajesties. 

Had he been included in this year"s ranemperors, McShay would have actually been tied for fifth all at once. 

McShay additionally contribute"s to Scouts Inc."s Top 100 board, which is graded by The Huddle Report. 

Scouts Inc. effectively predicted 82 of this year"s height 100, tied for 12th overall, and also is presently ranked eight as a whole in the five-year averages. 

Mel Kiper, ESPN
2 of 5

The Huddle Report scored the mock draft Kiper submitted prior to their deadline, fairly than his updated version on Thursday afternoon. 

In his almost-last mock draft, Kiper organized solid to his prediction of Luke Joeckel to the Chiefs, which expense him 4 points in the standings. As an outcome, Kiper"s mock draft score of 38 was his lowest in five years. 

Despite the dvery own year, Kiper"s mock draft average still ranks among the finest in the service. 

Kiper has actually a five-year average mock draft score of 42, placing him fifth in its entirety. 

Despite his success via the mock draft, Kiper generally struggles to predict the height 100. He appropriately predicted just 77 of this year"s peak 100 picks, and also his five-year average of 77.8 ranks 20th out of 26 experts. 

Mike Mayock,
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Mike Mayock, that lets his distaste for mock drafts be known at eincredibly chance on the NFL Netoccupational, has been hit or miss out on in his projections over the years. 

The 2013 draft verified to be Mayock"s best initiative to date, as he appropriately predicted 11 of the first-round player-team matches and also put 27 of the actual first-round picks in his last mock draft. 

Mayock"s mock draft ranked third overall this year, falling one suggest shy of the leader. 

Mayock additionally connected on a career-best 82 picks on his peak 100 board, which bumped his five-year average simply over 80. His top 100 board is currently ranked ninth as a whole in the five-year averperiods.

Bob McGinn, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
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Because draft guru Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News was shifted to other assignments, Bob McGinn has stepped approximately fill the void. 

While the tv experts are the a lot of recognizable names in draft coverage, McGinn has establimelted himself as the one through the best inside information. 

His annual draft series, featuring comprehensive analysis from scouts, is a must-review for every draft fan. 

McGinn experienced a down year for his mock draft, however still ranked 23rd as a whole and is second in The Huddle Report"s five-year averperiods. 

He additionally won the optimal 100 dispute for the 3rd consecutive year and is tops in the five-year avereras.

Jakid Boris, Times News
5 of 5

You"ve more than likely never heard of Jakid Boris, yet no one is even more precise at predicting the NFL draft. 

For the past 13 years, Boris has been publishing his mock draft in the Times News, a newspaper based out of Lehighton, Pennsylvania. 

Boris" five-year average score of 46.2 on the The Huddle Report is over 3 points higher than the next ideal on the list, Bob McGinn.

This year, Boris" mock draft finiburned second with a score of 50, losing a tiebreaker to Reginald Brooks of Fantasy Footsphere 1on1. It was the second time in the last 3 years that Boris placed second all at once, and also the seventh time he has actually finiburned in the peak 10.

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Boris, that also functions as the Executive Director of the Eastern Schuylkill Redevelopment Commission, explains his draft coverage as "just a fun hobby that started 27 years ago and also is still going solid today."

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