An Italian word that has actually an establimelted area in the English language is graffiti which specifically describes composing or drawings on public walls, normally done without permission and as a type of creative expression.

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In English, graffiti is nearly always supplied as if it were a mass noun but in Italian, you will encounter both the singular graffito and the plural graffiti. The singular create refers to individual inscribed imeras in historical art. The word originates from the verb graffiare meaning to scratch.

IPA: /ɡɹəˈfiːti/
An example of graffiti in Torino

Instances of prehistoric graffiti etched into the wall surfaces and also monuments of historic Romale sites such as Pompeii still exist to now. From declarations of love and desire to political rhetoric and also poetry, the creating on these wall surfaces provides archeologists necessary understanding into not only just how the Romans lived and the day-to-day concerns they faced but likewise their level of proficiency.

Today graffiti is mainly employed as a type of political and also social expression. Etchings have mainly been reinserted by spray paint, markers and stencils, and some famous examples, such as those by the anonymous street artist Banksy, deserve to fetch in the millions.

Whether you regard graffiti as nopoint more than a type of vandalism or as a distinctive art form, one thing is for sure: it is below to continue to be.

Related Italian words:

graffio = a scratchgraffiare = to scratchgraffiato = scratchedsgraffiare = a stronger, even more expressive form of “graffiare

Useful phrases:

Il comune ha speso tanti soldi per ripulire i muri dai graffiti.

The tvery own invested many money on cleaning the graffiti off the wall surfaces.

Igraffitisonouna formad’arte moderna.

Graffiti is a type of modern-day art.

Ci sono un sacco di graffiti a Roma.

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Tbelow is lots of graffiti in Rome.


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