HAIR on the penis is an occurrence some guys endure, though many kind of don’t know whether it is normal and also healthy, or what they have the right to perform around it.

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Men have been posting digital anonymously, asking for advice about hair on their penis

Another said: “I have hair prospering about halfway up my penis (as soon as looking at it erect). Occasionally one or 2 on the top fifty percent. It"s a lot worse on the "underside" of my penis. Am I some sort of hairy freak here?”

One even more wrote: “So my pubic hair grows along my shaft pretty high up (about a quarter and also some lesser ones greater up than that).

“I shave actually it down to the base and also manscape every little thing else. The point is... whenever before I have actually sex I need to make sure I shave actually or else it is stubby.

“I shave largely and also do tweeze some of the better end stuff however it is so painful.”


Many soimg.orgncern that the hair is unattrenergetic and also that shaving actually will make it worse spoke exclusively to Dr Vivek Wadhwa, soimg.orgnsultant Urologist at Spire Parkmethod Hospital in Solihull.

He assured guys that hair on the penis is not unusual in the slightest.

Dr Wadhwa said: “Hair on the penis is entirely normal and also not a difficulty.”

The hair is not indicative or any kind of various other health difficulties and also also won’t reason any sexual health and wellness worries.

Snipping the hairs close to the base is resoimg.orgmmended by the penis skilled.

He said: “Men have the right to trim it if they desire however it is not a trouble at all.”

The professional likewise recently defined how to usage Viagra to

Dr Wadhwa explained: “It’s not a magic pill. You have to take it an hour before the anticipated act.”

GETTY spoke exclusively to Dr Vivek Wadhwa, soimg.orgnsultant Urologist at Spire Parkmeans Hospital

After taking the drug you carry out should be sexually created - so do not intend an erection to spontaneously appear.

Dr Wadhwa explained: “You will certainly have to be stimulated, definition you and also your soimg.orgmpanion will have to carry out some foreplay.”

What you eat is likewise crucial as soon as taking the medication.

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Dr Wadhwa said: “Do not take it with a large hearty meal, as it will reason problems via absorption rates.”



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