I was analysis a BlogHer short article around Glee this morning and also uncovered myself nodding my head in agreement. I still choose that show. I keep recording it. Certain individuals store me hanging on, however the show has dropped so many type of perhaps excellent threads in the story arc that it renders me wonder what the authors are thinking and if they’re going to weave anything out of them at any kind of point or if they’re gone forever.

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I think Glee is pretty a lot doomed. (For your amusement I recommfinish you review a recap of “Glee’s dropped storylines” over here.) How much longer will certainly it last prior to human being give up on it?

The girls – remember, they are (almost) 10 and also (almost) 12 – were asking Mark and I if they might watch it recently. Apparently all of their friends watch Glee (this is particularly true in the elder child’s case) and also I have to say, I am surprised that the parents let their youngsters watch the display.

I totally intend to get shot down right here, yet I have to put it out tright here anymethod. Do those parental fees really understand what goes on in the show? Or are they letting them watch it bereason everyone else does, and on the surconfront it just appears to be a display around misfit youngsters who love to sing?

In the past 2 episodes, sex and alcohol have actually been the primary attribute. I’m no prude, we talk about sex roughly right here (also what it implies to be homosexual), as well as alcohol. But I just wouldn’t recognize where to start explaining things prefer celibacy clubs, sex tapes (Lauren and also Puck had a plan, yet they learned that it’d be classified as boy prn if they went with through it), and also why Emma and also Carl haven’t consummated their 4-month old marital relationship.

You can review some amusing episode recaps at Television Without Pity.

Mark and I talk to the girls around responsible use of sex and alcohol. We tell the girls it’s better to be kind and also smart than gorgeous and well-known. I know that Glee is intended to be entertainment, and also that viewers are not meant to search for function models in their tv reflects, yet I have been struggling to uncover a great female character in the display. I’ve pertained to realize that it’s vital for me offered the amount of tv the girls watch. They actually don’t watch very much, so shouldn’t the stuff they DO watch have actually at leastern a minute amount of redeeming quality? I’m not saying that everything they need to be watching needs to be educational, yet still.

I’m savvy sufficient to disregard Rachel’s self-centred pursuit for fame, Santana’s spite and cruelty, and also Quinn’s popularity worries (where is her baby anyway?) yet are my daughters? And I know that my kids hear a lot of crap in the schoolyard, but the language that comes out of Glee character’s mouths renders me cringe.

I recognize it’s all in the name of “edgy comedy,” but I can’t imagine informing my kids that it’s supposed to be funny when Sue Sylvester (whom I ADORE by the way) shoves a teacher dvery own the staircase because her goal is constantly to win. Even though the writers sometimes hint at her having actually a heart (I love it once we accomplish her sister), she’s a bully, simple and also simple. Why is it forgiven, time and also time again?

I’m completely conscious that the girls will certainly most likely end up watching Glee at someone else’s home, so I hope that we’ve provided them enough indevelopment to be able to break whatever down for themselves (and also involved us instead of their friends) if they have questions.

If Glee is on in two years (and I doubt it will be) I might consider letting my kids watch it, but not currently. What perform you think? I’d love to hear someone else’s perspective on this.

If you’re a parent that isn’t certain whether a particular movie, video game or TV regime is appropriate for youngsters you must examine out Usual Sense Media. Here’s what they need to say around Glee. Do you agree through their assessment? Disagree?

1 | MaureenCmodecor

March 12th, 2011 at 10:18 am


Excellent points. I had actually not thneed to entertain your perspective as my girls are adults and also we reap watching together…at times. However before, last weeks’s episode actually made me cringe a little bit and I who have actually been a HUGE fan, was actually turned off. I too am shed at the direction the present is taking. Still love the musical numbers, but not obtaining the storyline(s).

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2 | Chantal

March 12th, 2011 at 10:38 am


I’m a large Glee fan. Travebrought about NYC to check out them live and also adored eextremely minute!

At first I let all four kids watch it. (The children are age 8 via 14). Gradually, I had to urge the 8 and 9 year old not watch – and also this week for the first time, I was uncomfortable watching some components of it through my 12 and 14 year old. I had a bunch of explaining to execute.

I don’t mind watching TV that provokes any conversation through my youngsters. I’m constantly honest and also candid, but it went beyond this week. It was more of a deprogram.

Besides being puzzled by the dropped story lines, I am puzzled at the direction they are taking. At first it appeared the Glee club was around individuality and also embracing how different they were. Now it appears favor they’re doing anypoint to fit in and also shock.

3 | betsy mae

March 12th, 2011 at 10:49 am


My children are def too young for the display although my 7 (nearly 8 year old) does have actually friends who watch it..I disagree via this. I don’t understand if I’d let a 10 year old watch it however I’d have a complicated time trying to decide whether or not to let a 12 year old watch it. I think alot of the age correct reflects have bullies similar to Sue so I wouldn’t necessarily take concern via her character, and also many of the topics I would be okaaaaaay through for a 12 year old but its just a little bit too a lot I think. Too a lot emphasis on sex and so on I guess what I’m trying to say is, tbelow isn’t a lot more to the present than singing and also the other negative stuff. I haven’t checked out any type of positive messeras yet have actually you? You can youtube the components wbelow the cast is singing and dancing (although I wish they would PLEASE let us see some the dancing my goodness they cut out so frequently its frustrating!). If you youtubed the singing your girls would certainly acquire to check out the finest facets of the present and also they might watch enough that they wouldn’t feel they were missing out?