Around the holidays we deserve to suppose to acquire a healthy and balanced dose of classical Christmas movies, from A Christmas Story (1983) to Miracle on 34th Street (1947) and also many type of more that make the list. However before, there has actually been much controversy circling this list of holiday movies, and many kind of have suggested that it has a few more out-of-the-plain titles. Several of these not-so-clear-cut titles encompass Gremlins (1984), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), the extensively questioned Die Hard (1988) and, of course, Edward Scissorhands (1990). A few of these movies might be collection during the holiday seaboy, or they may also hit upon some Christmas themes, but does that truly qualify them as a “Christmas movie?”

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To put some of these disagreements to rest, we are putting these so-dubbed Christmas movies on trial and also laying out our evidence to prove when and for all if these titles have earned their area in the holiday movie canon. To start the month off, we would certainly like to bring to the stand Tim Burton’s bizarre classic, Edward Scissorhands.

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Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) in Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Evidence For

The best piece of proof in assistance rests with the truth that the last fifty percent of the movie is focused around the Christmas seaboy, not to point out that the entire narrative is framed roughly a grandmommy informing her grandboy why it always snows on Christmas. After an yearly Christmas party goes awry, we are surrounded by a festive neighborhood with plenty of Christmas lights and decorated trees—even the the majority of melancholy flashearlier to the saddening death of the Inventor takes place roughly this very same time of year. In perhaps the single most Christmas-y minute in the movie, Kim (played by Winona Ryder) finds Edward crafting an ice sculpture of an angel in the backyard, developing a beautiful “snowfall” that brings a little of magic to the otherwise mundane backdrop of the surrounding tvery own.

The second greatest indicator is the establishing in which the movie takes place. In the initially fifty percent of the movie when the sunlight is shining and the grass is green, Edward appears to be pretty commonly accepted by the area, being treated with kindness and also affection. It isn’t till the Christmas seakid that he is persecuted and demonized by the community. The juxtaplace of these themes is a major driving allude for the movie’s plot: that even in the seaboy of goodwill we deserve to forgain to treat others, especially those less fortunate, through grace, understanding, and love.

Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) and also Stuart Lancaster in Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Evidence Against

On the other end of the scale, we are challenged via the overly gothic themes of the movie that Tim Burton is ideal well-known for. Considering that this isn’t his just questionable “Christmas” movie (we’re looking at you, The Nightmare Before Christmas), we have to look at all of the indicators hinting that this might not autumn under the genre. As mentioned before, the establishing plays a large role in the message of the story, yet we can’t ignore that the sun-shiny, manicured, Anywbelow, USA vibes of the movie distract from any various other holiday elements. Nevertheless, it is hard to argue that Burton would certainly have actually randomly liked a Christmas backdrop to set his movie in.

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Though the movie doesn’t begin at Christmas time, it ends there, via Edward sentencing himself to isolation aheight the macabre mountain where he found solace. This seemingly tragic ending for Edward certainly doesn’t reflect the conventional aspects of a feel-good ending found in the majority of Christmas movies, but in his isolation, Edward is able to find peace and also even proceeds to produce scurrently for the town and for the remainder of Kim’s life—which is possibly a much more beautiful finish to the story in some light.

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Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) in Edward Scissorhands (1990)


For many kind of, Christmas have the right to be one of the a lot of tough times of the year, and also joyful movies don’t always recurrent everyone, especially those who may be struggling roughly the holidays. Though in Edward Scissorhands, we obtain a very important message of accepting people’s distinctions and celebrating our dysfeature even when surrounded by Christmas cheer. Through the moving story, brilliant score, and staggering visuals only Tim Burton might devise, Edward Scissorhands serves as a beacon of light to the outcasts about the holidays.