Do you know what it takes to grow lengthy hair? If not, you’re in the ideal area. Today we’re stating hair growth with Dr. Phoenyx Austin – writer of “If You Love It, It Will Grow”.

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Dr. Phoenyx is a very well respected doctor, author, and media personality. She has actually been checked out on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other media outlets. Recently, I had actually the possibility to chat through Dr. Phoenyx and also discuss her new book. Dr. Phoenyx has really great expertise of organic hair care and also this is was a great conversation.

If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair

So, without additionally aexecute, let’s dive ideal right into the conversation.

Dr. Phoenyx Discusses If You Love It, It Will Grow

Kenneth: Hi Dr. Phoenyx. How are you today?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: I’m doing great! How about yourself?

Kenneth: I’m doing very well. Thanks for taking the time to chat around your brand-new book. I have to start by saying congratulations on the release of your book. I know that the feedearlier that you’re receiving has been good. How does it make you feel to have actually such a effective product launch?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: Well initially off, say thanks to you for exploring my book and also sharing it through your readers. And to answer your question, it’s been an awesome year given that my book dropped. I put many time and a lot of love right into this book, and it’s an significant feeling watching it acquire so much success and also recognition.

Kenneth: Dr. Phoenyx, the book begins with your hair story. I found it really intriguing that you obtained your first relaxer in kindergarten. That initially relaxer was the catalyst for various emotional changes that you went with. Before we start pointing out hair growth, tell us a small around your experience via relaxers and the affect they had actually on your life.

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: Yes, I got my first relaxer as soon as I remained in kindergarten. And I’ll be blunt, it was a totally negative experience in the feeling that it was a catalyst for serious self-esteem and identity issues. I think about it now and also I’m so glad to be out of that space – that room wbelow I literally hated my hair. It’s really sad, and also also a bit insane the lengths that I checked out hide the kinks and curls that I now love so much. From a young age, I had the concept planted in my head that I “needed” a relaxer to have actually pretty hair. And this isn’t somepoint exclusive to me. Tright here are many little bit girls and also womales like myself that had actually the exact same idea planted in their heads. It’s so crazy how so many type of of us are conditioned to believe that there’s somepoint wrong via the way our hair normally grows out of our head. But no boy, or adult for that matter, “needs” a relaxer. And speaking from individual experience and observation, I don’t sugarcoat the reality that obtaining a relaxer, particularly at such a young age, deserve to have serious negatives impacts on how little bit girls thrive as much as check out themselves and their hair.

Kenneth: You really have an excellent hair story. In your book, you perform a really good job of explaining way of life values for healthy hair growth. I’m sure you’re typically asked by woguys about exactly how to grow much longer hair. How perform you mainly respond to that question?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: Yes, I get that question a lot. And basically, I tell women that having the hair you want first starts with loving and respecting the hair you have – which is why I titled my book, If You Love It, It Will Grow. And yes, achieving healthy hair growth does involve complying with certain lifestyle ethics. In reality, having healthy and also much longer hair is all about adhering to a healthy and balanced beauty regimen in general. For instance, we all understand that if you want to have healthy and balanced skin, you’re intended to follow a details way of life. You’re meant to eat ideal, drink plenty of water, exercise, regularly cleanse your skin, moisturize, wear sunblock, etc… We hear the regiguys all the time, particularly the components about eating fresh fruits and veggies and also drinking plenty of water. And it’s really the same via hair treatment. The regiguys might be slightly different, but it’s the exact same concept. Look at what you eat, what vitamins you take, what hair commodities you usage, exactly how frequently you cleanse your scalp and also hair, etcetera… Beauty starts from the inside and also tbelow are the majority of definitely foodstuffs and also vitamins that you require for thriving healthy and balanced hair.Then there are specific things you want to remain away from, particular forms of hair products, grooming practices or hairlayouts. Tright here are even health and wellness conditions that have the right to influence your hair expansion. And I go via every little thing in my book- everything you should understand around thriving healthy and balanced and longer hair.

Kenneth: I really enjoyed reading through Chapter 13 wright here you talk about Ayurveda. This isn’t really my location of expertise, so I haven’t especially addressed the trend of healing scientific research in the beauty and hair treatment sector. For those that haven’t had actually the possibility to read your book yet, deserve to you talk around Ayurveda and also just how it uses to hair care?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: I’m exceptionally much right into holistic healing and alternate develops of medicine. Ayurveda is a kind of alternate medicine that’s been about for hundreds of years. It’s been exercised in the East for hundreds of years and in the previous few years, it’s become fairly popular in the West. Honestly, Ayurveda is a pretty considerable topic that covers both beauty and also wellness, and also I really couldn’t carry out it justice in a brief intersee. But suffice to say, when you hear women in the natural area talking about points like henna and also Indian hair oils, those are facets of Ayurveda. I created about Ayurveda in my book because it’s somepoint many type of herbal womales haven’t been exposed to or might not entirely understand also because tright here is a little of misindevelopment out there. Overall, I do think that incorporating principles of Ayurveda right into a hair care regiguys will assist woguys attain healthier hair development. I exercise specific principles of Ayurveda. It’s had a positive result on my hair and also I would extremely encourage women to learn even more about it.

Kenneth: We have actually several brand-new naturals who visit our website quite regularly. What advice can you carry out for new naturals that are simply beginning their natural hair journey?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: First off, I would certainly say congratulations! The change to natural hair should be celebrated and I carry out believe that going herbal is a action in the best direction if you want healthier hair. I’d additionally say that as a brand-new organic, you must have patience through your hair and also show it several love. You have to additionally educate yourself. There are plenty of bloggers and also vloggers giving out tons of helpful information. And yes, there will be days that your hair stresses you out or doesn’t execute what you might desire it to do. Just remember that being organic is around learning to submit to your hair. For years, once you wore a relaxer you were trying to obtain your hair to submit to you. And that’s a significant part of the trouble. Just let your hair be what it was intended to be. Discover just how to treatment for it and also fall in love via it. Due to the fact that honestly, once you learn to submit to and love your hair, the herbal hair journey becomes so much simpler and fulfilling.

Kenneth: Dr. Phoenyx, what can we mean from you in the future?

Dr. Phoenyx’s Comments: Right now, I’m doing quite a little of promo job-related for my book. I’ve been contacted to execute interviews, beauty mirrors, conferences, etc… I’m also in the process of creating my second book and also releasing a couple hair care products. It’s really an interesting time for me – a very busy and exciting time. And I’m so happy that so many type of womales are benefitting from the expertise I need to share.

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Kenneth: Dr. Phoenyx, that sounds really amazing. Thank you for taking the moment to comment on hair growth with Curl Centric. You have an awesome book and I wish you a lot success later on. Finally, to learn even more about Dr. Phoenyx Austin, inspect out her website Dr. Phoenyx and her book “If You Love It, It Will Grow”.