Former broadcaster and also Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear takes his unique blfinish of sports talk to the people through #If You Don't Like That! This irreverent and opinionated show will organize many type of from the sports human being as they weave and also dodge thru the flurry of concerns Grant will certainly pose in the conversations. Pull up a chair and also join the conversation every Tuesday and Friday as Grant shoots right from the hip with his guests and also shares the latest from what he hears from you. And of course, #Grant's Rant is back each and eincredibly episode. Find out more at www.ifyoudon' You can reach Grant on Twitter

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Episode 8 gets you prepared for the footsphere weekfinish. Downpack Listen App or go to I am on weekdays at 6pm/ET

NBC announced Steph Curry will be part of the Ryder Cup coverage. Why? I love Steph, however execute we really have to watch him on the coverage of the best golf occasion in two years? Network-related executives drive me crazy with this stuff!

SEP 17, 2021 Episode 100: Social Justice And The Black National Anthem

Episode 100: Social Justice And The Black National Anthem

Today on the podcast I comment on social messaging in the NFL, both on helmets and also on the field. Do you choose it? Do you think it's an excellent idea? Are you bothered by it? I don't like it and also I explain why. I likewise talk around Whoopi Goldberg criticizing HBO's Bill Maher for his comments about the Babsence National Anthem. I then talk about a phone call I had actually via a business provider that really surprised me.

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski announced yesterday that Odell Beckham Jr won't play this Sunday Vs the Houston Texans. Beckham is coming off a torn ACL last year and also missed last week's game vs Kansas City as well. So what does Odell do? He puts out a video of him listening to a song by Drake which basically rips the coach. This man simply doesn't gain it!

Today on Listen App we had actually an extremely interesting discussion on messaging with the NFL. Social messages on helmets, Lift Eexceptionally Voice and also Sing have actually been in the news a lot lately. It was an extremely exciting discussion! Listen to me live weekday's at 3pm/PT on Listen App or go to

Must be nice being a skilled athlete. In the situation of Josh Gordon, he has actually been suspfinished 6 times, 5 for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. ESPN reported yesterday that the NFLPA has actually asked for Gordon to be reindeclared. My question is why need to he gain another chance and also why would a team authorize him? He has actually let so many kind of civilization down over the past eight years!

The Josh Gordon rant

Grant shares a genuine honest perspective on Josh Gordon’s attempt to rerevolve. Didn’t we learn from Steve Howe in baseball? Thanks for being genuine and not afraid to share an hoswarm opinion.

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Knowledge & Common Sense

Listened to Grant as a resident of Sacramento for years. I felt he defended a bad franchise in the Sacramento Kings while employed by the team and also regional radio station.Today’s Show is the future of sports talk. Grant tells it choose it is and also gives the listener a fair depiction of all parties connected. It’s a good show.He acquired screwed by a weak NBA owner and also company. Chris Christy might have actually and must have supported Grant and also this will haunt him forever before.

I appreciate you Grant!

You tell it prefer it REALLY IS Grant and also I appreciate that and also your podcast is THE BEST and also extremely informative! Keep it up!