King George returns to comment on the activity again, implacably reprising his musical layout from “You’ll Be Back,” note for note and also occasionally also lyric for lyric. It’s almost… Read More 

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They sayThe price of my war's not a price that they're willing to payInsaneYou cheat with the French, currently I'm fighting with France and also with SpainI'm so blueI believed that we'd made an arrangementWhen you went awayYou were mine to subdueWell, also despite our estrangement, I've gotA tiny query for you:What comes next?You've been freedDo you understand how hard it is to lead?You're on your ownAwesome. WowDo you have a clue what happens now?Oceans riseEmpires fallIt's a lot harder as soon as it's all your callAll alone, across the seaWhen your civilization say they hate youDon't come crawling back to me
You're on your own…
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King George retransforms to discuss the action aobtain, implacably repclimbing his musical theme from “You’ll Be Back,” note for note and occasionally even lyric for lyric. It’s almost choose he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong…

Historically, the Battle of Yorktown was the last major battle of the rdevelopment, and also lastly encouraged the British parliament to vote to end the war.

King George wrote:

I cannot conclude without stating just how sensibly I feel the dismemberment of America from this empire, and also I need to be miserable indeed if I did not feel that no blame on that account have the right to be lassist at my door, and did I likewise not understand that knaexceptionally seems to be so much the striking attribute of its residents that it might not in the finish be an evil that they will end up being aliens to this kingdom.

Translation: I had nopoint to perform with this, these Americans are all hoodlums, and also we’re probably much better off without them anymethod.

Our version of King George is basically singing “lol good luck with that.”

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Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2015)
Lin-Manuel Miranda
What Comes Next?
Written By
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Mastering Engineer
Tom Coyne
Mixing Engineer
Tim Latham
Performance Rights
PECF, New World Music, Warner Music Group, Warner/Chappell & 5000 Broadmethod Music
Mario Gotoh & Erin Benim
Mario Gotoh
Randy Cohen
Scott Wasserman
Benny Reiner
Alex Lacamoire
Richard Hammond, Kurt Crowley, Benny Reiner & Alex Lacamoire
Laura Sherman
Robin Macatangay
Andres Forero
Drum Programmer
Randy Cohen
Alex Lacamoire
Anja Wood
Rictough Hammond
Robin Macatangay
Jonathan Groff
Recorded At
Avatar Studios
Release Date
September 25, 2015
What Comes Next? (Instrumental) by Original Broadmeans Cast of Hamilton & What Comes Next? (2014 Workshop) by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Ft. Brian D'Arcy James)

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