When investigating the relationship between 2 or even more numeric variables, it is vital to recognize the difference between correlation and regression. The similarities/differences and advantages/disadvantages of these devices are disputed below together with examples of each.

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Correlation quantifies the direction and also stamina of the relationship between two numeric variables, X and Y, and constantly lies between -1.0 and also 1.0. Simple direct regression relates X to Y via an equation of the create Y = a + bX.


Key similarities

Both quantify the direction and also strength of the relationship in between two numeric variables.When the correlation (r) is negative, the regression slope (b) will be negative.When the correlation is positive, the regression slope will certainly be positive.

Key differences

Regression attempts to create exactly how X reasons Y to adjust and also the outcomes of the analysis will change if X and Y are swapped. With correlation, the X and Y variables are interchangeable.Regression assumes X is addressed through no error, such as a dose amount or temperature establishing. With correlation, X and Y are frequently both random variables*, such as height and also weight or blood push and also heart price.Correlation is a single statistic, whereas regression produces an entire equation.

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*The X variable can be resolved via correlation, but confidence intervals and also statistical tests are no much longer correct. Generally, regression is supplied when X is addressed.

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Key benefit of correlation

Correlation is a much more concise (single value) summary of the connection between 2 variables than regression. In result, many type of pairwise corconnections deserve to be perceived together at the very same time in one table.

Key benefit of regression

Regression offers an extra thorough analysis which contains an equation which can be used for prediction and/or optimization.

Correlation Example

As an example, let’s go via the Prism tutorial on correlation matrix which consists of an automotive datacollection through Cost in USD, MPG, Horsepower, and also Weight in Pounds as the variables. Instead of simply looking at the correlation between one X and one Y, we deserve to generate all pairwise correlations utilizing Prism’s correlation matrix. If you don’t have access to Prism, downpack the cost-free 30 day trial right here. These are the measures in Prism:

Choose Start through sample information to follow a tutorial and also choose Correlation matrix.Click Create.Click Analyze.Select Multiple variable analyses > Correlation matrix.Click OK twice.On the left side panel, double click the graph titled Pearboy r: Correlation of File 1.


The Prism correlation matrix display screens all the pairwise correlationships for this collection of variables.

The red boxes reexisting variables that have actually an adverse partnership.The blue boxes represent variables that have a positive relationshipThe darker the box, the closer the correlation is to negative or positive 1.Ignore the dark blue diagonal boxes since they will always have actually a correlation of 1.00.

Key findings:

Horsepower and MPG have actually a strong negative relationship (r = -0.74), better horsepower cars have lower MPG.Horsepower and also price have actually a solid positive relationship (r = 0.88), higher horsepower cars expense even more.

Note that the matrix is symmetric. For instance, the correlation in between “weight in pounds” and “expense in USD” in the lower left edge (0.52) is the same as the correlation between “price in USD” and “weight in pounds” in the top right corner (0.52). This reinforces the truth that X and Y are interchangeable via regard to correlation. The correlationships along the diagonal will constantly be 1.00 and also a variable is constantly perfectly correlated via itself.

When interpreting correlationships, you have to be mindful of the 4 feasible explacountries for a solid correlation:

Changes in the X variable reasons a readjust the value of the Y variable.Changes in the Y variable reasons a readjust the worth of the X variable.Changes in one more variable influence both X and Y.X and Y don’t really correlate at all, and you simply taken place to observe such a strong correlation by possibility. The P value quantifies the likelihood that this can take place.Regression Example

The stamina of UV rays varies by latitude. The higher the latitude, the less exposure to the sun, which corresponds to a lower skin cancer hazard. So wbelow you live deserve to have an impact on your skin cancer risk.Two variables, cancer mortality price and latitude, were gotten in into Prism’s XY table. The Prism graph (right) shows the connection in between skin cancer mortality rate (Y) and latitude at the center of a state (X). It provides sense to compute the correlation between these variables, however taking it a action better, let’s perdevelop a regression analysis and gain a predictive equation.


The relationship between X and also Y is summarized by the fitted regression line on the graph with equation: mortality rate = 389.2 - 5.98*latitude. Based on the slope of -5.98, each 1 level rise in latitude decreases deaths as a result of skin cancer by approximately 6 per 10 million human being.

Since regression evaluation produces an equation, unlike correlation, it deserve to be supplied for prediction. For example, a city at latitude 40 would certainly be expected to have 389.2 - 5.98*40 = 150 deaths per 10 million due to skin cancer each year.Regression likewise permits for the interpretation of the design coefficients:

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Outline and also Further Information

In summary, correlation and also regression have actually many kind of similarities and also some crucial differences. Regression is generally offered to construct models/equations to predict a crucial response, Y, from a collection of predictor (X) variables. Correlation is mostly offered to easily and also concisely summarize the direction and strength of the relationships in between a set of 2 or even more numeric variables.

The table below summarizes the key similarities and also differences between correlation and regression.




When to use

For a quick and basic summary of the direction and strength of pairwise relationships in between 2 or even more numeric variables.

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To predict, optimize, or describe a numeric response Y from X, a numeric variable thneed to affect Y.

Quantifies direction of relationship



Quantifies stamina of relationship



X and Y interchangeable



Y Random



X Random



Prediction and also Optimization






Extension to curvistraight fits



Cause and also effect


Attempts to establish

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