So supposedly this is what Jack White wrote on Vault Chat couple of days ago:“i don’t have actually trick accounts, and i don’t respect world who perform, or who post things anonymously either.” Sure. Regarding this and also all that Hood JW fuss let me gain some facts directly. It began with blog 2 years back, the writer asserted that Jack White himself did alert it and sent out her numerous messages. I was sceptical at initially yet some time later on the restraining order instance blew up and someone created a Karen Elson hate blog. girl-with-no-faith-in-medication openly criticised it and also she was sent a message asking her around that blog by a person called“jwhiteiii”. The message is still there, inspect her archive for august 2013. I occurred to know somepoint about the hate blog as well, I sent him some teasers and also later explained that it had been deleted.

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Not the many pleasant point to hear I think. And it don’t desire to indicate anypoint, but it sounds type of comparable to the message Hood obtained from TMR -“you’re not contributing to society. you’re just taking up room.” How perform I recognize it was Jack White himself? A few weeks later I saw a photo of a hand written letter he handed some perchild and it contained precisely the exact same phrases I’d check out in my inbox. Here are one of the various other accounts of his:


So what does it tell us? Yes, he’s been watching the jack white tag for some time, he knows extremely well how to use, the statement“i don’t have actually trick accounts, and i don’t respect world who execute, or that article things anonymously either.” is not necessarily true (I haven’t really heard him admit that he had trick accounts) and it’s not like“Jack, being that he is, wouldn’t compose anything favor that. He knows better.” (~lumber-jack-white).

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Alright, who’s first to call me a liar? awhiteuniverse? thistleandpods? Trust me, I’m not that creative to make up every one of this.

This blog was developed years back to be something fun/funny to rally behind, not a spark for conspiracy theories. Let the man live his life.