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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked Genres
ArtistTegan and also Sara
20 August 2002
3.36 / 5.00.5 from 789 ratings
#878 for 2002

lonely, love, melancholic, melodic, female vocals, LGBT, longing, romantic, breakup, bittersweet, passionate, sentimental, energetic, introspective, sensual, rhythmic, anxious, rebellious


Gabe Cipes bass guitarRob Chursinoff drums, percussionMichael Ledwidge body organ, key-boards, slide guitarEzra Cipes banjoPascal Leclair assistant engineer
LivingSamely Jan 01 2021 ▼ 5.00 stars
5.00 stars 1 Time Running

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Hilariously great album, literally. I feel favor their following three would certainly be worthy of a spot in the pantheon of ideal music in existence no matter that had made them, yet this is simply Tegan and Sara at their goofiest and also I’m all for it. Their punkiest, the majority of energetic, and up tright here via their catchiest.“I would go to jail through only boys / just to prove I was as tough as you / and once I gain out for great behavior / I'll be writing looove sooongs / silly banging knee songs / I'm a car craaaaaaash but I HAVE TO GEEEEET UP”, all jeered in an “overly energetic schoolgirl writing a diary entry in bed” voice, precedes a GOAT chorus on “Underwater” and also, like, fuck - that’s funny and awesome.But it’s not like I love If It Was You just for being silly. Sure, the intro kicks ass in a method you can never before take seriously, yet “Monday Monday Monday” comes in as track three and it is a beautitotally sentipsychological and touching song; absolutely in my height ~25 as a whole. Also, its chorus riff is RIDICULOUSLY hefty for a pop song, although not in a means that’s simple to tell (simply prefer So Jealous’s “We Didn’t Do It”, whose chorus is coincidentally the finest thing in music).The three-track-lengthy run from “Awful Storm” onwards is basically The Bends upgraded a million times, and for lesbians. Although I don’t understand... I don’t hear many LGBT lyrics on Tegan and also Sara albums even though many of them have the descriptor, yet probably just bereason I’m shallow when it comes to appreciating lyricism in music. I recorded rather a couple of funny moments regardless though so that just goes to present just how excellent a personality this album has.The main draw is the hooks though, obviously, because it’s their music and also nearly eextremely song has actually a FANTABULOUS one, but I’d still say the a lot of severe songs are the ideal ones. Key references for the average RYMer would be “Want to Be Bad” (also my “”“friends””” that don’t understand what truly good music is think this is an excellent song), and “Monday Monday Monday”. “Living Room” is the a lot of renowned track however it’s my least favourite personally by a really wide margin (and is still amazing); quite, “Underwater” is my favourite of the silly bangers.Yup... sadly I’ll more than likely never before write one more evaluation for a 5 star album by these 2 aobtain, yet they gave me this one and also an additional three after that in the ideal run of musical jobs ever before, so all I can say is wow. I’d recommend listening to at leastern one of those next two prior to relocating right here for a full listen, bereason this one’s pretty inaccessible unless you currently favor them (or similarly dumb fun guitar music favor The Clash). A lot even more extravariation and also buffoonery than most here would certainly be used to, however notwithstanding basically the gold traditional of pop music FOREVER.