This one is pretty straightforward. We asked a bunch of human being who they would certainly most choose to view naked.


This one is pretty straightforward. We asked a bunch of civilization who they would certainly many favor to watch naked. Turns out it's actors, politicians, and also a dead male.

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Eleanor: Bill Clinton.

Oh yeah? He’s type of hot.He’s exceptionally hot. So I’d prefer to check out him naked.

What carry out you uncover so attrenergetic about him?I think he’s smart, I think he’s charismatic, and I think he’s pretty damn good looking. I would certainly attempt and steal him away from Hillary but I doubt I might.


Olivia: I don’t know… Wait, I want to think around this bereason currently I’m reasoning around everyone naked.

Like who?It would more than likely be a womale. I really love Penelope Cruz.

Why?'Cause she’s warm.

What’s so warm around her?She’s just that sexy, colorful Latin woman that everyone loves. Right? I assume everyone likes her. She constantly plays the sexy, mysterious one.

What’s her sexiest role?Definitely Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Is she naked in that?I don’t think she gets naked but she plays a psycho and also she has a threesome via Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem. Oh, I’d choose to watch him naked as well.

Would you prefer to see them naked together?Yes. Can I be naked too?

Joe: Jessica Alba.

What’s your favorite movie of hers?A bunch of them. I don’t understand. Fantastic Four.

Why would certainly you desire to see Jessica Alba naked?Why not?

What carry out you think is the sexiest component of her body?Her eyes.

Just her eyes? Well I haven’t watched any kind of various other parts.

What carry out you imagine to be the sexiest component of her body?Her breasts, since she had actually a boy.

Gary: Haha I’ve viewed the majority of them naked. Tbelow are so many kind of of them I’ve viewed. I’m over celebrities.

How around not a celebrity, just a public figure?Oh, OK. Sarah Palin. Yeah, she’s pretty.

Do you think her looks affect her success in politics?I don’t recognize, that’s tough to say. But I think she’s a pretty woman.

How perform you imagine her looking naked?I’m not sure but she have to look great. She’s well shaped. I’ve checked out her dressed up and also I’ve seen her in jeans. She looks excellent.


So she looks great in casual and also company casual attire?Yeah, she’s pretty. I don’t understand much around the national politics. I recognize she was the governor of Alaska, right?

Julian: Jerry Garcia. He plays the guitar in the Grateful Dead.

<Ed note: We don’t know whether Julian knows Garcia’s been dead for virtually 2 years, but we didn’t desire to break the news.>

Why carry out you think he’s so sexy?Because eextremely time Jerry Garcia has actually been naked there have actually been 20 naked bitches approximately him doing crazy shit. And then I can just kind of finagle my way up into the case, seeing that I’m even more limber and also movable than Jerry.

Nicole: I guess I’d need to say Ryan Gosling.

Did you see Drive?__I did check out Drive. It type of sucked yet I was looking out for him.

What do you think would be the sexiest thing on his body?His back.

You like backs?I do like backs. I prefer elevation too though. That’s really necessary.

Any last remarks about Ryan Gosling?If you’re out tright here my name is Nicole. Hey Ryan.

Nick: Barack Obama.

Why?I don’t understand, possibly he would certainly be a tiny even more hocolony than he’s been via us for the last years.

How has actually he been dishonest?Oh, there’s a list. There’s the fact that Guantanamo Bay is still open, he ramped up the invasion of Afghanistan as soon as he said he was going to pull it back, exact same thing with Iraq. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” which he did repeal but it took him 2 years to get approximately to it and also his whole stance on Wall surface Street before his election versus his stance on Wall surface Street after his election.


And wright here would you choose to see him naked?At the podium in the Rose Garden on TV in front of the country.

Scott: I’ve got to go via Angelina Jolie 'cause she’s so beautiful.

Is it her face? Her body?Her confront.

Her lips?Yeah, I love her lips.

Anypoint else?Her eyes, her excellent cheeks, excellent smile.

Where would you desire to see her naked?Probably outdoors in a forest. I wouldn’t do anypoint with her though bereason I have a girlfriend.

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