Ice Cube

O"Shea Jackchild (born June 15, 1969), much better recognized by his phase name Ice Cube, is an American rapper, document producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and also director. He started his career as a member of the hip hop group C.I.A. and also later joined the rap group N.W.A (Niggas With Attitudes). After leaving N.W.A in December 1989, he developed a successful solo career in music, and also likewise as a writer, director, actor and also producer in cinema. In addition, he has actually offered as one of the producers of the Showtime tv series Barbershop and the TBS series Are We There Yet?, both of which are based upon movies in which he illustrated the lead character.

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Many motherfuckers slam Pros and how they playAnd many type of motherfuckers criticize Rappers and also what they sayEven though they criticize Secretly they fantasizeBut they know they"ll never before passist be to playYea I"ma kill one of you young punksWith a old institution flowFlow flowThough I walk with the shadow of deathI gotta make certain that my shoes and also my outfit freshY"all bitches gain jealous when you watch me comingY"all would as well if you seen my womanY"all understand we bout to perform what we doThis shit here bout as sick as the fluDrunk motherfuckers wanna vomit on my shoeNiggas can not have actually shit prolly reason of youRappers go to jail like Oprah go to YaleStedguy plan don"t ask don"t tellWbelow my waterbees as I go acquire the mailHalf babsence is the new black can"t you tell?It was blue black choose Wesley Snipes in new jackNow you acquired to have actually a white mama simply to perform thatTiger woods offered to be a safe niggaGo ahead let your daughter have a day with himHe"ll mate wit "em prolly in a wifebeaterTiger "bout to change his name to cheaterI don"t like it once you call me big poppaFrom southern central and also I hate helicoptersIf we at school I"ll break in your lockerSee me with a water bottle its more than likely vodkaDrink responsibly or drink constantlyBe who you wanna be in this economyDrunk as Sean Connery at the BonavieCan"t throw me out motherfucker I"m the honeryTrust me I"ll never be the nomineeI don"t kiss sufficient ass I"m as well honeryIce cube be where the piranha beSwim upstream eatin" all sort of meat West coastline treat it like hyenasTake what you want from these lieing ass cheatersEat the f*ck out these beaversThat"s how we act as soon as you do not wanna feed usCrazy motherfucker ever before because I was a fetusMight too sign up with us you ain"t gonna beat usPlease believe us you can ask JesusI"ma be here bout as long as RegisUnderstand also I never before pledge of alligianceTo this balla confusion could reason a contusion boyI check out you"re cruising for a bruisingFucking through a primary that don"t like studentsDon"t you know that detention is a lynchingAnd if I fail to mention I"m spending out my pensionNo no no noThe factor I hung inCausage this ideal right here ain"t no country for young menSunny you done fucked up the churches moneyI"m red fox and you that substantial dummyThis junkyard was a empireY"all let it obtain over ran by vampiresMany M.C"s is god damn liarsLike them fucking supervisors working up Kaiser?Bitch I"m not a dodger I"m a laker punkYous a fucking clipper you have the right to contact me jack the ripperCut you up by your gizzard then dvery own by your liverRooter by the tooter gut you like flipperDipper y"all better treat me choose the skipperHead trigga the heir niggaAir honessential and air critterI come with and also kill eextremely litterLike that prefer that favor thatNo country for young menNo no no noIt"s like balla" confusionNo country for young menNo no no noYour civilization is just an illusionNo no no noNo country for young menNo no no noIt"s prefer balla confusionNo country for young menYour world is just an illusion

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