Some covers are more equal than others. Good, Better, Best looks at three covers and decides that takes house the gold, the silver, and also the bronze.

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If all you recognize about Craig and Charlie Reid, jointly well-known as the Proclaimers, is that they’re Scottish twin brothers that sang that “dada-da-da” song from Benny and Joon, you’re absent out on a substantial, reasonably diverse, discography. They routinely play to large crowds in Europe, their music has been featured on at leastern five various other movie soundtracks, and also their songs have inspired a jukebox musical that was itself made into a film. While full-on commercial success has actually been a tad elusive below in the US, their best-well-known tune right here, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” has garnered rather a little bit of of love, shown up in over forty cover versions known to guy (or at leastern to SecondHandSongs).

I’m all for artists taking a cover and also making it their own, but in picking covers for this short article, I made a decision versions that were true to the power and also exuberance of the original. Versions that recast this song as a ballad or a torch song just didn’t carry out it for me. Of the versions I selected…

The version by Maximo Park is great.

Down By Law did it much better.

Teske did it finest.

Maximo Park – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (The Proclaimers cover)

British alt-rockers Maximo Park’s variation sounds the leastern prefer the original, and they know it. In reality, as soon as presenting a live variation at Scotland’s now-defunct T in the Park Festival in 2007, front man Paul Smith sassist they were about to execute somepoint “slightly sacrilegious however also hopetotally rather inspirational,” following that with “Let’s watch if you recognize this song.” In both this live go-round and the later on studio version, a sparse keyboard intro gives way to a modeprice, guitar-pushed verse, complied with by an extra intense chorus. There’s not a totality lot of dynamic in the music, and also hardly any in the vocals, yet the step-wise intensity provides sufficient variation to keep points exciting. In enhancement to restricting the vocal array, Smith uses a minimalist vocal approach, leaving out bits below and also tright here, however (notably the dada-da-da’s) retaining enough to store it the exact same song. The A-ha-esque music video shows the story of the lyrics in similarly minimalistic animation. To an unsophisticated ear, Maximo Park’s version of “I’m Gonna Be” could sound choose some Brit-punks spanning a song they don’t recognize the words to, but on a deeper level, this band has actually stripped the song to its bare-bones essentials.

Dvery own By Law – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (The Proclaimers cover)

Purists could uncover Down By Law’s proto-punk cover variation even more to their liking. The strategy is comparable to Maximo Park’s: energy that builds throughout each verse, peaking in the chorus. The major differences are that Down By Law’s version is both much more fleshed out and much even more melodic. Once aget, no dada-da-das, via the band also substituting the word “surrender” for the post-chorus. The music video has 3 parts: a produced opening where guitarist/vocalist Dave Smalley is singing by himself, ostensibly dressed as among the Reid brothers; performance clips featuring the entire band; and also a narrative that mirrors the song’s protagonist walking through areas, mud, and also even more to reach the object of his affection. Two cautions: the video contains one circumstances of language that would be considered NSFW (unless you occur to work in a really cool place), and also it takes a fairly dark rotate at the finish.

Teske – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (The Proclaimers cover)

Dutch singer/blogger/actor Teske de Schepper, professionally recognized as just Teske, gives us a bbest, hopeful acoustic version of this song. It’s faithful to the original (save for a lyrical gender swap) and also features generally guitar and what I think is an autoharp giving an excellent deal of contrast to the previous versions. While the energy level and also intensity are concomitantly lower, Teske more than makes up for it with sincerity and sweetness. When you hear her, you think she would walk 1000 miles to be with someone she loved. Teske treats the music video even more prefer a brief film documenting her trek, also concluding it through an end card analysis “Fin.” And yes, this version does include the “dada-da-das. I selected this variation as the ideal bereason I don’t thinks there’s any kind of component of it that a fan of this song could dislike. It does a great project of honoring of the original while making the song distinctly hers.

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