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Read this Japanese title: Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai.Now, check out the English title: “I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Sjust how Me Your Underwear.”Yep, pretty self-explanatory.You, the viewers, knew specifically what you watched. And you kbrand-new specifically what you were expecting: a range of women making disgusted deals with while revealing their panties. And this 4-minute OVA series is just that and nopoint more. It appeals to individuals who have actually underwear fetishes and/or have masochistic tendencies.Now, this is what the anime will certainly not contain:- Don’t mean any type of actual overarching story or plot advancement, each episode is a self-had story with a various girl and also male protagonist.- Don’t suppose any type of character development from our faceless and also speechmuch less male characters.- Also, don’t expect the girls to have any personality or emovements past making happy and also cheery deals with to making angry, disgusted, and also scornful ones in the blink of an eye.- And lastly, don’t expect any type of exceptional background music or opening songs.And, this is what the anime will certainly contain:- This is a POV (Point of View) series, definition it will certainly makes you feel choose the major character in the series. The OVA is attempting to make it seem choose you, the viewers, are forcing these girls to disclose their panties, causing them to make a disgusted challenge.- Tbelow will certainly be 6 female characters: massist, idol, nun, miko, nurse, and also college girl.- In the start, the girls act very friendly, cheerful, and also happy. But, when, you demand to see their panties, they make a 360 degree change and also act incredibly angry, disgusted, and scornful.- Upon advertising your requirements, the girls will certainly have a disgusted face while glaring at you. They will say a couple of scornful words, however, in the finish, they will satisfy your demands, albeit reluctantly.ART/ANIMATION/SOUND:I have to say that the miscellaneous types of panties, showing up in various shapes, sizes, colors, and also deindicators, such as checkered, plain, laced, white, pink, and red, are very much appreciated. Also, the style and also extra accessories such as, garter belt with stocmajesties, pantyhose, safety panties, and knee highs, considerably boosts the sex-related appeal of each female character. And ultimately, the means each girl gradually pulls up their skirt or strip added clothes to disclose their panties is someexactly how sexually enticing.The female character deindications look pretty great, particularly their disgusted facial expressions, i.e., glaring and frowning at you via narrowhead and shadowed-spanned eyes. With these expressions, you can obviously tell the girls really disprefer revealing their panties. And finally, the voice acting is on allude, especially when the girls make stern and also harsh remarks.ENJOYMENT:It was simply as I expected: womales making disgusted deals with while revealing their panties. Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. I hope Japan continue to create weird shit bereason this stuff is absolutely glorious.