How Can Being Beautiful Be A Bad Thing?

Turning heads ca precise a price internally and externally.

Posted May 5, 2019


I want to open up today"s post through 2 disclaimers: a) I have actually never had actually to personally battle through the problem I"m around to describe, b) I do not claim field of expertise in it professionally. But I still think it"s an amazing and vital topic to think around and I"m hoping for comments from readers to assist this conversation.

I have actually been thinking around this question in regards to woguys generally, although I"m sure handsome men have actually comparable worries, while not as pronounced. There is much more focus on beauty via women, and also it infiltrates nearly eextremely element of our culture and also marketarea. I think a much more analogous instance for a male is being well-off, and I dealt with some of the mental difficulties of this in one more article.

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So what might be negative around being beautiful, you ask? What"s so devastating about being sought out, around having an much easier time getting everything from days to jobs? Who wouldn"t want to be beautiful? I"m going to leave aside the apparent exterior concern of the unwanted attention beauty triggers, considering that it has been so well highlighted by the #MeToo motion. Instead, I will emphasis even more on the interior facets.

The initially point I view is the problem with privilege in general: it cushions you from fact in a way that is not always healthy and balanced. If you simply have to smile to acquire your means in a instance, you perform not construct the internal resources that are crucial to cope through life completely.

Connected to this is the second problem: if the people responds only to your outside self repetitively, how straightforward will it be for you to attach to your interior self or even to know it"s there? Some womales learn to make use of the way they"re treated superficially to rotate the tables on those who check out them only as "dumb blonds." The movie Legally Blond via Reese Witherspoon plumbed this dynamic, yet movies don"t commonly display the genuine wrinkles in such battles. How basic is it to think you"re intelligent, that you have somepoint to offer, once all anyone appears to notice is exactly how pretty you are?

A 3rd and also associated worry is that it can make a woman dependent on exterior validation. If you prosper up on a stable diet of attention, if eincredibly time you walk into a room all the men"s heads turn to look at you, you may well build a method of being in the people wbelow outside attention is the just method you deserve to feel normal. You then come to be dependent on this sort of superficial validation: do you discover me attractive? Can I obtain you to notification me?

Men are by and also huge complete suckers for this kind of ploy – a beautiful woguy require only touch them lightly on the forearm and also they are instantly in a swoon and also willing to carry out anypoint for more. It does not need to be about sex. It have the right to ssuggest continue to be at the level of wanting even more of the beautiful woman"s attention. And it calls for of a beautiful womale most consciousness and also a lot of integrity not to take advantage of this type of benefit.

A fourth concern is having actually to contend via the envy of various other women. How many type of relationships have been poisoned – and not just in high institution – bereason a beautiful woman, sindicate by walking right into the room, garnered more than her share of attention?

Finally, physical beauty has a limited shelf life. At a details age, you simply are no longer the the majority of attractive woguy in the room. Then what?

I supplied to attfinish a weekly Zumba class wbelow tright here were probably 100 womales and also three men. This rendered me completely invisible in the course, which was a great point since I"m so terrible at the moves, yet additionally because it let me get to endure just how womales behave when men aren"t roughly.

I loved to watch the method women dance. The exciting thing for me is that it was the huge woguys I found even more engaging: they were fully in their bodies, moving via an abandon and in link to the music in a method that was both earthy and also beautiful. The beautiful womales with the beautiful bodies – of course they were also wonderful to watch – yet to my eyes at leastern it seemed to me that their consciousness of their bodies and also how they look interfered through their connection to the music and also the dance. It was as if they were "doing the movements" as opposed to being in the minute. In some subtle method their awareness of their looks from the "outside in" appeared to interfere via their capacity to dance from the "inside out."

I expect most of us think about beauty favor we execute around having lots of money: certain it has its obstacles, however they"re the sort of challenges I would certainly like to being negative or unattrenergetic. Would you?


Josh Gressel, Ph.D.

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, is a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay location and also a student of Jewish mysticism.